Can NYC survive Bill de Blasio’s latest tyrannical step?

On Monday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the city would begin enforcing a vaccine mandate on all private sector workers. The measure would create the most overreaching power grab of the COVID pandemic to date.

Bill de Blasio only has a few weeks left in office, but he will certainly not going away without leaving his mark on the city. Whether that mark be for good or bad.

Amid the pandemic, NYC lost the most jobs of all major cities, amid the strictest COVID restrictions. The city was shut down, with hospitals an absolute chaotic wreck. Tourism halted and many that commuted into the city for work were no longer coming. Subway trains are ghost trains as they remain largely empty.

Storefronts are empty, with little sign that businesses will ever be able to return to them. Plus, whatever momentum was gained for employment has now taken another hit with de Blasio announcing forced vaccination on city businesses.

Businesses that were already struggling to survive will be forced to implement measures to assess COVID status and enforce COVID status. They were already forced to do that for many inside events and this just makes it worse.

In January, BBC reported that NYC was on life support. If it was on life support then, de Blasio’s latest move may well pull the plug.

Employment numbers are telling the story. Americans are not interested in taking an unproven vaccine, even if it does all the miraculous things that Democrats claim. The truth is, it doesn’t. It does not prevent or cure COVID. It simply masks it in most people.

Nothing in this changes for people from NYC after de Blasio leaves either. Incoming mayor Eric Adams has indicated he supports all the same measures as de Blasio. He supports forced vaccination and very likely could take it further, requiring booster shots for those in New York City.

With the outlook so bleak, why take it one step further and further destroy the city? Because that is the radical way! There is no reason not to try to absolutely decimate the city and force it into complete government dependence. That is what the radical left wants after all.

Any potential recovery for New York City was just taken back. A city that should have easily recovered from the COVID pandemic is going to face a decade attempting to recover from this failed leadership. To recover, it’s going to take city residents standing up to tyranny and realizing, government does not always know what’s best.

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