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Youngkin wins Virginia governors race in clear message to Biden regime

Republican Glenn Youngkin has won the Virginia governor’s race. The momentum had been behind Youngkin in recent weeks, as he narrowed a poll deficit from near double digits to take the lead by 2% in recent days.

Election betting sites had also moved to support Youngkin in recent days. His odds to win were at over 80%.

One interesting data point came from Fox News. In exit polls regarding how Youngkin aligned with former President Donald Trump, 49% of voters said he aligned too much, 6 % said too little, while 45% said it was just right.

Trump did not campaign with Youngkin outside tele-appearances. Youngkin did not deny his support of Trump and the Trump agenda. It continues to prove that the Trump message resonates well with voters, but how that message is presented may matter.

Democrats had attempted to tie Youngkin to Trump throughout the election. Former President Barack Obama had appeared and labeled Youngkin as a Trump extremist and out to destroy education in America.

Youngkin gave a sharp contrast to McAuliffe’s vision for Virginia and education. He shared that he wanted to remove CRT from curriculum and give parents more choice and access to their child’s education.

Some have suggested Biden had already given up on the Virginia election, as he did little to campaign in the state and left the country before Election Day. The election of Youngkin is a clear message to the Biden regime that voters are not supportive of the radical agenda.

The loss is not expected to stop Democrats’ continued push for massive spending. They are expected to renew calls later this week once Biden returns from Europe.

Republicans swept all three statewide races in Virginia, with statewide wins for the first time in over a decade. They are expected to take lessons learned from the Youngkin campaign and apply them to congressional races in 2022.

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