There is still time. Don’t send Jack Back

There is still time. Don’t send Jack’O Lantern to the landfills. Some 150 million Americans likely bought pumpkins for Halloween having spent over, $2 billion just pumpkins alone. Of those pumpkins, most will end up in landfills instead of the stomach of hungry kids. Thirteen million just in America alone are hungry.

According to Pew research, over 66% of Americans think government should do more to combat climate change but apparently millions don’t want to do their part. Not surprising. All of use carry a BAG: Belief-Action Gap. We say we believe in something but may not be willing to do what it takes: We see with GAP with climate change activist flying to climate change summits and back in the most fuel-wasting method possible

What about the GAP between what those who want to save the Hallsville Turtles  but facilitate the annihilation of the African American family, for example: In 1965 25% of African American children were raised fatherless.  Now it is up to 75-80% .   Boys without fathers in the home have a noticeably higher rate of incidence of drug abuse, school dropout, crime and delinquency, and teen pregnancy. Is this a GAP?

Or as Pope Francis says: Since everything is interrelated, concern for the protection of nature, is incompatible with the justification of abortion– Yet Democrats continue to pursue a Green New Deal abut the same Old Bum Deal for the Unborn. So lets get back to Jack

Trying to prevent Halloween pumpkins einding up in landfills is not easy. But we can actually use all of the pumpkins. . I save the seeds and roasted them, sliced the pumpkins, baking some with sugar & cinnamon, I grating others for pumpkin hash & the rest I blanched for freezing. Yet $billions will end up in landfills as million of kids starve. Picture that.

So I have some tips and wish others will pitch in with other ideas to help Jack avoid the landfills: 1. Don’t carve if you don’t have to., paint instead, so you can reuse the pumpkins 2. If you already carved, after Halloween, boil & use for pies or sweets 3. If you did not carve, you can donate to local food bank 4. If food bank does not take your donation, blanch & freeze. Look forward to hearing about your ideas

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