How did we get to having a government that works for government and NOT the taxpayers?

In case you missed it, the Washougal City Council, n what can best be described as a boneheaded decision & at worst,  political malpractice, without approved environmental studies nor residents input, destroyed #HartwoodPark natural habitat frequented by residents, in favor of an adult #DiscGolfCourse catering to a small  outside vocal minority, right  next to a children’s park 

To date, the City has not addressed children’s safety from errant discs or pedophiles. The City has not addressed the disruption of the parks’ natural habitat frequented by residents In favor of an outsider vocal minority. & nuisance. Residents already are experiencing a concentration of vagrants – a subsequent nuisance – nothing new. Drug use and nuisance is reported by residents where disc golf course are located.

While the City has talked about accommodating disgruntled residents by limiting the number of holes, from 18 to nine for example, that is not a permanent solution, as the initial problems remain and no one is being held accountable for the ecological debacle.

Sadly, this is how government works for government and not for the taxpayers. There are countless of tax-payer funded  agencies designed to help local government “make the right decisions.” such as the Hartwood Park project, For example. Washington State’s MRSC ,  funded by local liquor taxes, including wine taxes believes the most effective government is a well-informed local government is ready to help cities, towns, counties, and state government agencies. And when the decisions turn out to be poor, MRSC will NOT help the taxpayer – it will refer the taxpayer to an attorney. Or as CS Lewis might say: You must pay taxes so that government can become a more clever devil, to make you pay even more taxes – Get the irony?

MRCS funded by taxpayers does not work for taxpayes

The State of Washington’s SEPA says environmental  jurisdiction for Hartwood Park falls on the City of Washougal-  which means it’s just a matter of time before the City rubber stamps regulatory requirements. Washington State’s SEPA was created by the Washington Legislature enacted as the State Environmental Policy Act in 1971. Commonly called SEPA, the law helps state and local agencies identify environmental impacts likely result from projects and decisions – yet gives the City of Washougal jurisdiction to disturb natural habitat without consequences.  Does this make sense to you? 

Washington States SAO  Accountability audits “evaluate whether a local government has adhered to applicable state laws, regulations and its own policies and procedures. We audit records to ensure public funds are accounted for and controls are in place to protect public resources.” But when the City of Washougal fails to protect the public, the SAO ignores citizens: We contacted SAO’s Lindsay Osborne about the criteria used for the Washougal City audit, given the City of Washougal Hartwood Park decision and strong endorsement from Pat McCarthy both in writing and in social media. Ms. Osborne’s response was nonresponsive and inconsistent with Ms. McCarthy’s letter to the city

It should be noted that the SAO touts its new Culture Initiative – yet its own culture depicts a classic parasitic bureaucracy:  a waste of taxpayer money. Our next step was to contact state Representative Larry Hoff:  His suggestion?  Call the Mayor of Washougal! We contacted the State Legislature’s House environmental Chair Fitzgibbon, Joe (D) – never got a response

As if that was not enough, the Washington State Clark County Assessor is twelve weeks behind processing exemptions for the disabled. In 2019 that was even longer. Now, however, the assessor’s office is making it easier for taxpayers to pay their property taxes via a drive-in window. We continue to research but we posit that the State’s Assessor has always been staffed to collect taxpayer money, but seems to always be behind processing exemption requests. Can you see why we have been asking any political candidates to endorse our Four to One Pledge: Pledge to abolish four bureaucracies for any new one proposed – get rid of parasitic bureaucracies

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