Hearteningly Disheartened; The REAL Message From Virginia

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Is it possible that the same event can give you hope, and dash all hope, all at the same time?

Indeed it is. Glenn Youngkin’s win in Virginia last Tuesday is just such an event. Just days before Youngkin’s victory, in my article “Democrats Are Imploding; All Is Well, Right?” I said that in fact all is very much NOT well. I ensured you that Youngkin was going to win, but noted that the Democrats do one thing very well – they don’t ever quit:

I said the Democrats, and those who identify with them, are stupid. I didn’t say they were just going to quit. If they’re too stupid to know they’re stupid, what makes you think they’re smart enough to realize they’re dead? And the one thing these people have always had over the conservatives is unequaled tenacity. No, they aren’t giving up; they’ll just have to resort to more “direct” means.

Wanna know what conservatives do very well? They take unearned, unwise, thoroughly unhinged victory laps. They sit back and rest on their laurels, admiring the battlefield they’ve just conquered (by a razor thin margin) and behave as if everything is suddenly being put back to right. Conservatives are very good at forgetting that Democrats don’t quit. They’re very good at ignoring history. They’re very, very good at looking past a few absolute realities of our electoral system, namely that Democrats don’t give a crap about the electorate, and never have; and also, that Republicans have no party unity, no loyalty to anything, no actual agenda, and no spine with which to prop an agenda up even if they did have one.

With regard to the Virginia “bellwether”, let’s remember that Youngkin barely defeated an abysmal candidate who made dozens of unforced errors, at a time when the opposing-party President is remarkably unpopular, in a state that until a very few years ago was reliably Red.


So let’s all say “YAY” about the other Republican gains, yes?

What does “Republican gains” even mean, really? Liz Cheney is a Republican. Adam Kinzinger is a Republican. Mitt Romney was the Republican choice for PRESIDENT just a few years ago, remember? Oh, and thirteen Republicans just pushed Biden’s ridiculous agenda through while giving the far Left political cover, and last month Republican Leader of the Senate Mitch McConnell bailed the Democrats out over the debt ceiling, only to be roundly abused by his Democrat counterpart just hours later on national television.

Republican gains are not American gains. Please stop being fooled into believing they are. In 2022 the dirty coin is going to land with the (R) facing up. It will probably remain that way in 2024. So what? By that time enough Brandon Administration damage will be done, and the Republicans have nothing to counter it with, nor any political will or direction to rely on once they do take control. Certainly they can’t be counted on to have Donald Trump’s back, and to our eternal shame, we’ll forget their incompetence and fecklessness when they run for reelection, which is why we’ll have Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham until those two are ready to retire of their own accord.

Here’s the real kicker; our side simply doesn’t get it. The right-wing pundit class is celebrating the Youngkin win like it’s VE day, while all but ignoring the chicanery that’s going on in New Jersey at the moment and utterly dismissing the nonsense that was the 2020 election. America was raped just a year ago, and almost to a man Republican leadership is behaving like the Loudoun County School Board. Rather than insisting that justice be done, they’re all sending the message that a second-class election win means “mai tais all around”. It’s assinine.

Speaking of justice, what exactly does a win by any political party mean when Americans are still being treated like political prisoners for taking a few selfies in the Capitol building they were invited into? What does any political victory mean when American citizens are held in abysmal conditions without due process for nearly a year on misdemeanor charges? Does Glenn Youngkin’s almost-loss bring any justice for Ashli Babbitt? I’m pretty sure she’s still dead, and Michael Byrd is still walking free despite gunning her down in cold blood though she was unarmed and posed absolutely no threat to anyone.

But hey, it’s wonderful that a few very purple seats flipped from D to R, even though Merrick Garland and the FBI are calling protesting parents “domestic terrorists” and breaking down doors in middle-of-nowhere Alaska to harass an innocent American who wasn’t even the person they thought she was as part of their January 6 witch hunt. And I’m sure James O’Keefe was feeling just great about Virginia as his door was kicked in by the very same FBI searching for potentially embarrassing Biden documentation.

How long before that kicked-in door is mine? How long before it’s yours? But by GOD “we” won in Virginia! Let’s celebrate!

This article lays out the absurdity of it all much more eloquently (and patiently) than I can. Here’s one person on our side who understands the “big deal” moment that was Tuesday. He looks at it from the historic angle, and points out as I have that the Democrats are not done by any stroke of the imagination. If anything, the Youngkin and Republicans win last week has only served to embolden them.

My concern goes much further than mere elections. I am gobsmacked that so many on our side can look at what’s going on around us and just continue to sit around doing nothing, or worse, celebrating Tuesday like it was Christmas Day at the orphanage. The American military is being purged of anyone who doesn’t swear allegiance to the anti-American woke agenda. Police and emergency service workers are being cast aside if they refuse to take a dubious “vaccine” against a vastly overrated, highly-survivable virus. Laws are being routinely broken by real terrorists, yet not prosecuted, while American political prisoners suffer like Anthony Fauci’s beagles.

The Constitution is being utterly trampled, and even the proclamations of judges as high up as the United States Supreme Court are being roundly ignored. Our safeguards are being systematically dismantled, so that there is nothing standing between the tyranny of this failed government and the destruction of the American people, starting with patriots. In fact the remnants of those protections are now the weapons of the tyrants, and they’re being expertly wielded like a katana in the hands of a samurai. But people who are supposed to be on the side of America are celebrating a second-class political win like it’s the second coming of Reagan. It infuriates me.

I’m thrilled Glenn Youngkin won. I’m pleased that much of the country went from (D) to (R), because (D) is evil. I want to join in the chorus that this is somehow the turning of the tide. But I can’t. History and reality say otherwise. More importantly, the promise of tomorrow means nothing when the threat of today is being so universally ignored. What is everyone somehow missing? How can I be the only one seeing this stuff?

Anthony Fauci and Merrick Garland in front of yet another committee is as useless as a steam gauge on a toilet. These two, and hundreds more just like them, shouldn’t be paraded in front of the cameras like performers in the circus; they should be perp-walked in handcuffs in front of crowds armed with rotten tomatoes. We shouldn’t just be laughing at the mental decline of corrupt Joe Biden, and making jokes about the insanely incompetent woman who sits just off to his right; Biden is sick, mentally challenged, and a mere puppet, but he still belongs in an orange jumpsuit together with anyone attached to his “administration”. You know it, and I know it.

Here’s what else we know; it’s much more likely you and I will wind up in those jumpsuits (or worse) than it is any of these people will see so much as a stroke added to their golf tally. Even saying so guarantees me a spot on a list of “domestic terrorists”, and you clicking on the link to this story probably puts you on that list as well. Yet we’re seemingly fine with it, because Glenn Youngkin won an election in Virginia.


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Jackson P. Chamberlain

Jackson P. Chamberlain is a right-leaning, liberty-loving husband and father whose American heritage dates back nearly four hundred years. He writes from his home at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. He can be found on GETTR @jpchamberlain, or on MeWe as Jackson Chamberlain. He does not do Facebook or Twitter.

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