Could a surprising change at the DOJ be on the way?

In case you missed it, Attorney General Merrick Garland found himself in some hot water on Tuesday. Whistleblower documents show that counterterrorism tools were being used to track and investigate parents across the country. In fact, Garland signed off on the act the day before he took the stand and told the Judiciary Committee that counterterrorism tools were not being used on parents.

Parents were being treated as terrorists in their own nation, by their own government. Parents that were simply concerned with what liberal garbage that the radical left was brainwashing their kids with.

While there are many that quickly jumped onto the attack of Garland, one has to question how this whistleblower report came out of a Democrat administration. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you heard of any whistleblower opening their mouth about Democrats? Joe Biden and his handler Barack Obama have always kept these types of things under wraps.

This whistleblower report came out and was published openly by the House Judiciary Committee GOP members. That leads me to believe that this was something that the Biden regime wanted to get out. They wanted this information to be released so the Republicans would seize on it.

So what’s the goal? After all, the worst-case scenario is that Garland is forced to resign and that Biden has to name a new Attorney General right? I think you have to look a little further into some other news stories to perhaps see something that is taking place behind the scenes.

It started back this summer as the Biden regime sent Vice President Kamala Harris overseas. She had failed miserably in the border crisis, refusing to go to the border for months. Even after she went, she did little to address the issue. An issue that has continued to haunt the Biden White House.

So they sent Harris on the diplomatic trip in hopes to help her appeal. Instead, she struggled to answer questions from the media. This is the same media that feeds the Biden regime questions ahead of time. They trained Harris on how to answer them to help fit the narrative and agenda, but she failed miserably.

During the same time, reports emerged talking about how she was extremely difficult to work for. Some said that she mistreated employees and was condescending to them.

Since that time, Harris has been largely silent and behind the scenes. That was, until recent reports surfaced of infighting in the White House. The White House attempted to downplay the reports, saying that the Vice President and her team were vital.

Similar reports came out in July, but these seem to have more merit. Especially after the White House snubbed Harris in a recent introduction confusing her with someone else.

While I realize the suggestion could be a little extreme, could Kamala Harris become the next Attorney General of the United States? It would seem to be a logical move for Harris given her history as a radical Attorney General. It would also be logical given her failure at her current role.

Harris has proven that she is not fit to be President, even though she serves behind a man that is not fit to be President. God forbid this woman make it to the White House as she is just as incompetent as Joe Biden. What better way to save her than to plug her into the AG spot.

The White House can make the argument that Harris is the most qualified person among their ranks and that they trust her to move into the role. She can say that she feels the time is right for a Black female to be in the role and that she can do so much more for America in that role. Do you see how easy it is to consider this as a possibility?

I have heard some others float the name of Andrew Cuomo as a potential replacement, but indications are that he is considering a bid to be the Attorney General of New York. That has fiasco written all over it as he would have the ability to clear his name and make his successor’s life a nightmare. So it seems unlikely that would be the move.

There are also not many other candidates that would easily fit into the role of Attorney General from the radical left. They could pull a judge from a federal circuit, but that would hurt their Supreme Court stacking plan that they want to launch after next year’s election. So the logical choice would be for Harris to fill the role.

For the sake of our nation, I hope that I am wrong and this is not even a consideration. But as I sit and ponder the possibility, it seems more and more likely. Harris has proven she could not carry the Democratic primary after Joe Biden departs and what better way to salvage her than to move her into the role of Attorney General.

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