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President Biden Delivers a Speech Hoping to Spin Supply Chain Mess He Helped to Cause – 10/13/21

President Joe Biden delivers a speech on how his administration hopes to spin the massive supply chain snarl that his policies have exacerbated.

Biden’s spin-masters have their work cut out for them after left-wing policies have left the nation with far too few truck drivers, warehouse staff and port workers to handle nation’s needs.

Overzealous and unhelpful lockdowns pushed a huge number of truck drivers off the road, never to return. Add in the unemployment benefit increase and many found out they could survive without working. Then, President Biden chose to force companies to issue vaccine mandates or terminate workers. Sickouts, massive numbers of people walking off the job and companies firing in droves to enforce the mandate have made a bad situation untenable.

Now that some Americans are going back to work, back to the stores, out to eat, and traveling again, there aren’t enough people to make, deliver or sell the goods and services they need or want.

The Bureau of Labor statistics reports that the civilian labor force participation rate is the lowest its been since they started tracking it.

Biden’s anti-energy agenda isn’t helping. Heating oil, propane, and petroleum distillate stockpiles are at extreme lows with some experts warning of shortages and huge price hikes this year. None of that helps the trucking or shipping industry and it certainly won’t help working families struggling under severe inflation.

The president is scheduled to speak at 2:20 p.m. EDT.

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