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Joe Biden’s unifying America problem

Joe Biden continues to lie to Americans. Nothing in that statement should surprise you one bit. After all, for nearly his entire life, Joe Biden has made a living lying and stealing from the American people.

For months, Biden has told the American people he was going to unify them and bring our nation back together. It was part of his big ‘Build Back Better’ agenda that he promised. An agenda that is full of radical spending plans, communist programs, and as Biden would say, a bunch of malarkey.

He has insisted that he would not alter the filibuster rules to pass his agenda. He insisted that it was not unifying to do so. He said he was in support of bringing back the talking filibuster to make things more difficult, but he was not in favor of eliminating it altogether. That was until Republicans blocked his plan.

On Thursday night, Biden once again changed his mind under the pressure of the radical members of his party to drive his communist agenda forward. He was specifically talking about the debt limit, which Republicans helped Democrats extend through December but have insisted Democrats must do it alone when needed again. Biden said he knew the Democrats would be frustrated to have to bring the debt limit up once again and that they wanted to pass a long-term extension.

But Democrats are not frustrated at just the debt limit extension as Biden indicates, they want to end the filibuster and ram radical legislation down the throats of Americans before they risk losing control of Congress next year. They realize the gravity of the situation that they are in. This is their one chance to get these packages passed, then leave the task to their propaganda partners at the mainstream media to brainwash Americans that it is a good idea.

If Biden was truly interested in unifying Americans, he would be taking his case to the American people. He claims this is what he was doing when he has made trips recently to Scranton, union headquarters, and other areas that he is comfortable in. But he is not truly taking the case to the American people.

I think back to many previous Presidents who wanted to win over the American people to their cause. They did not visit Scranton, union headquarters, or even their basement in Delaware. They decided to communicate directly with the American people. They did this by addressing the nation as a whole. Even The New York Times in 2013 noted how the communication with Americans was fading, right in the middle of the Obama presidency. Biden learned well from his chief handler.

Prior Presidents did not need media to edit snippets of comments at closed events to push an agenda. If they had an agenda, they took it to the people and let the people decide. Sometimes it was right, sometimes it was wrong, but they took it to the people. Because, after all, America is about the people. Our government is of the people, by the people, and in times past was for the people. Now, our government exists solely for sound bites for media propaganda.

Biden does not have to look so far to see that the direction he is heading is the wrong one. Poll after poll continues to tell the radical Democrats that Americans are not happy with what they are doing. Biden’s approval rating is down to a dismal 42%, actually reaching as low as 37% in one recent poll. Over 60% of Americans say our nation is headed in the wrong direction. In case you do not realize, that’s significantly higher than the number of Republicans in this nation. In other words, it includes Biden’s own party!

Perhaps we have all been looking at this wrong. It seems Biden is unifying Americans, against him and his radical agenda. He is unifying Americans that are not willing to comply with the tyranny that he and his communist handlers are trying to push on Americans. That’s not the unity he promised. That is not the unity he won so many deceived Americans over with.

But then again, Joe Biden has a problem with lying. He is doing exactly what his handlers want: reducing the American government to nothing more than scripted sound bites and fake movie sets. God help us to save our nation before this regime destroys it.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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