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How to start your own life: all about how to leave your parents and where to get money for it

Guys and girls from poor families have to provide for themselves quite early on. Different circumstances can force them to live separately from their parents (from mom and dad): 

  • the desire for independence; 
  • a desire to help relieve their parents’ burdens;
  • a thirst for other pleasures not available in the current financial situation (for example, to pay for a hobby). 

So how can you live independently, especially if you are also a student? Let’s talk about it all in order.

Why is it better to live separately from your parents?

It is good to live with your parents: they feed you, do your laundry, clean up, wake you up, give you a ride, and give you money for your allowance. Ideally, of course, because there are parents with whom it is physically and mentally much more difficult to live than on your own. Why, then, do young people try to do everything they can to live separately on their own? Statistics have found that the age of separation from parents is decreasing every year. Young people are now trying to separate barely out of high school. So what’s the problem? 

  • Parental oppression. Parents are wiser, always know everything better. They always know everything better. Adults do not tolerate mistakes, because they so carefully spelled out everything to their unsophisticated children. 
  • 24-hour control. You can’t just come home at three in the morning with no explanation. Must be sure to tell where and with whom you were, and be sure to swear three times that it will not happen again.
  • Permanent grade control. A “C” on the exam is a consequence of your drinking with friends three months ago. So, no disco in the near future, until you get a good score for the entire session. 
  • Constant guilt about doing everything wrong. Disappointment in the eyes of old people, which both them and your heartbreak. The good news about being away from your parents is that you don’t have to do any of these things. Be prepared to also lose the comforts of home, pocket money, and 24/7 support and attention.

First part-time job 

If you’ve never had to earn money before, try to determine what you’re good at. If you know that you are good at math, you can give private lessons to lagging, tutoring, or even provide a dissertation assistance service. Don’t worry: even astronauts and robotics engineers started with some small jobs when they were kids.

First job 

It is clear right away that you can’t make as much money at a part-time job as you can at a full-time job. So once you’re at university, it’s time to think about finding something permanent and more serious than dog walking. But how to do it, if the university requires you to be present at all the classes? What’s more: you have to hand in your homework, do tests and labs on time. And work requires a constant presence at certain hours, and being late is at least indecent. And the maximum that awaits you – you lose what you go there for the money. Look through the ads. You are sure to find vacancies for merchandisers, promoters, couriers, and other specialties for which they can hire.

The question of housing

There are several options here. You can stay in a dormitory with students, rent an apartment on your own, or with friends. There are advantages and disadvantages, but here you should be guided by your budget and preferences. In any case, you need to be prepared that you’ll have to deal with all the issues on your own or with friends, so knowing this, we advise you to learn how to cook, clean, and serve your needs while you are still at parent’s house so that it was not stressful for you later.

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