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What to Give Your Grandma for Her Birthday?

What to Give Your Grandma for Her Birthday?

There’s no one quite like your grandma. For as long as you can remember, she’s always been there to offer sound advice, warm hugs, and a plate full of your favorite treats. And while it may feel impossible to ever repay her, you should always try to express your love and gratitude on her birthday.

Grandma’s portrait on the wall among family photos will look marvelous and will definitely warm her heart. The style of the portrait is really important so in order to make your grandma look very grand, choose her portrait as an aristocrat or a queen.

Why Portrait?

It’s heartwarming to see your beloved ones happy so you’ll definitely want to brighten your nana’s birthday and make this occasion memorable. A portrait can become a pleasant home décor item but it will also remind your grandmother of your love from now on. Isn’t this argument powerful enough to make you choose such a gift for your grandma?

There’s only one downside of such a present: you can’t give it on a regular basis as there shouldn’t be too many portraits at home. But to see the surprise and joy that will fill your nana’s eyes on her big day makes this gift a truly exclusive one.

Which Style to Choose?

Before placing your order for your grandma’s portrait, think about the preferable style and color palette. Then think about where your nana will place the artwork and choose an appropriate size of the portrait. Try to find out which grandmother’s photo is her favorite. It might be her contemporary photo or a black-and-white photo of the past where a nana is a young and beautiful girl. Basing on the chosen photo, choose a portrait that will suit the image.

In case your grandma is a fan of history and has a favorite female historical figure, you can order a custom portrait showing your grandma as this famous person.

Another variant is to order a family portrait where all your nana’s children and grandchildren will be portrayed as noble aristocrats. Such a portrait will allow all of them to be near their beloved grandmother even if they’re separated by hundreds of miles. You can also add those members of the family who have already left this world if your grandmother is happy to see them in a portrait.

And if your nana has a pet she loves dearly, you can choose to order a portrait of her dog or cat in a historical costume. There’s a huge range of different styles in a royal, regal style reminiscent of 18th-century artwork. Choose between dogs and cats dressed up as queens, barons, admirals, viceroys, aristocrats, lords, princesses, duchesses and the list goes on. There are also more modern pet portraits featuring your grandma’s dog or cat in as a biker, sportsman, fireman or policeman or even superhero.

Is it expensive?

Any loving grandchild is able to order their nana a great portrait thanks to this service: Some years ago portraits used to cost a fortune but now due to the advance of technologies and high competition, such artwork will have a really reasonable price. And mind you, no other gift with the same price will arouse so many positive emotions as a grandmother’s portrait.

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