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The Quick Guide to Editing PDF Files

The Quick Guide to Editing PDF Files

           Being able to work with and edit PDF files is an essential skill in the modern office. This stems from the fact that PDFs are versatile and can be used for almost any situation. One of the key aspects of working with PDFs is the ability to edit them. To edit a PDF, the first thing you will need is a PDF editor or some sort of PDF annotation software. Most people and companies either purchase software or use an online PDF editing service such as Lumin PDF or Adobe Acrobat. Being able to use these PDF editors ensures that you will be able to document your work as you need to.

           This guide will explain some of the main tools and uses of online PDF editors. To use PDF editors, you should be able to edit them, input text, and manage them. Managing PDFs includes being able to arrange the document or convert it from one document into a PDF. In addition to this, there is more than one way to edit a PDF. You can edit them from your desktop, your tablet, or even your mobile phone. Being able to edit PDFs while on the go is a very useful skill to have with so many of us working remotely.

Organize PDF Pages like a pro

             When working with PDFs, sometimes there will be larger files that need to be worked with such as journals, reports, or even books. This can be tricky, since this information needs to be stored correctly. This is where PDF editors assist with PDF organization. Organizing a PDF’s content is simple with the correct tools. You can rearrange the page order, delete pages, or even rotate pages. It is important to remember that PDFs are image files and not text (despite the fact they can be written on). Many online PDF editors will have this function available to users.

Light It up with Highlight Text

           PDFs can contain a ton of information, and depending on what you or your business needs, it makes sense to take time to highlight some of the more significant information within the PDF. If you are working in law, then it is good to highlight some important details within a contract or legal agreement as an example. With an online PDF editor, you can do this from anywhere. For most PDF editors there will be a special highlight tool. After selecting the area on the image you wish to highlight, it is as simple as selecting the highlight tool. Sometimes there are additional options such as color, but this is what you need to bring focus to something within the PDF.

Add Text to PDFs

           Although a PDF editor is not a word processor and a PDF is not a text document, that does not mean that text can’t be added. With a PDF text editor, you can add text to a PDF. This can be used to fill out a fillable document, edit a document from your work, or even revise a pre-existing document. Adding text to a PDF is simple and it is one of the first utilities that should be learned when working with PDF editing software. With the ability to add or edit text on a PDF, you can accomplish a variety of tasks from your desktop or smartphone.

Essential PDF Editor Tools in the Palm of Your Hand

           In the past year and a half, many of us have had to learn to work more remotely, and this means not only working from a laptop in bed but also working from our phones while on the go. There is no shortage of PDF editing tools available to use from your mobile. One of these is the ability to merge or split a PDF. Merging a PDF is taking two or more different PDF documents and merging them into a single document. This can be very useful when compiling reports. Splitting is the inverse, where you can remove a page(s) from a PDF and create a new document with that page. While this is an amazing tool to have from your phone, PDF editors offer more.

           Another useful tool when working remotely from your phone is the PDF compression tool. iPhones and Android are great tools, but large PDFs can take up a lot of space on them. To solve this problem, there is the PDF compression tool, which allows for the PDF to be saved in a more manageable size. If you edit a PDF with Lumin PDF, you can download or upload these compressed files directly from your or your company’s Google Drive account.

           One of the most important tools for online PDF editors is the ability to convert documents. Although you can work on a PDF from your mobile, this doesn’t go for every other file type. So, the best option is to use a PDF converter to change the document type from whatever file type it is to a PDF file, and from there it can be edited using your device.

How to Edit PDFs on Your iPhone or Android Device

           Working on your Android or iPhone can be very useful as it makes remote working much easier. To use your mobile to edit PDFs, the first thing you need is a PDF editing app or online PDF editor to use. Once you have that, it’s just a matter of uploading the PDF from your device or cloud-based storage system and getting to work. There are some other great features and things to consider when editing PDFs on your mobile. Most PDF editing apps allow the user to write or draw directly onto the document with their finger or stylus. This tool is wonderful since it can be used cleverly to highlight text for other people working on the document. Being able to use your phone for office tasks makes you more able to work from home or on the road and PDF editors and PDF editing apps allow users to do that.

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