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Simple Yet Stunning Bracelets Perfect for Every Season

Thank god for the fashionistas around the world to be donning bracelets in their day-to-day life to mega-events, which has made it the most desirable jewelry piece in recent times. Not only do they look stunning and bring out your charming self, but they also are incredibly lightweight and practical for all seasons. 

Fashion icons like Priyanka Chopra and Gigi Hadid often wear a bracelet in almost every event they attend. From fashion shows to Talk shows, they are everywhere, and that is because they are very well designed. The mark of a great bracelet lies in its simplicity, and a simple platinum band has the power to complete your look and make you look flawless. At a time where we are evaluating everything we own or going to own, sticking to simple yet stunning solid pieces seems like a good idea.

Although, it is easier said than done. It is a tedious task to find such simple but stunning bracelets. To save you from hassle, we have handpicked a few such bracelets that’ll save the day of any season. Take a look.       

1. Platinum Band

Young, modern women prefer uncomplicated selections of jewelry that are designed to be worn with multiple outfits and can perfectly take an outfit from daywear to nightwear. Platinum, as a metal, is popular for its toughness and can last for several years without losing its shine or luster. A Shungite bracelet crafted in a platinum band makes for an effortless style that women can carry to work, elite dinner parties, or a simple stroll in the park, with different combinations of outfits. Shungite, a mineraloid is known to have formed almost two billion years ago, inherits extraordinary healing properties to aid the wearer mentally, physically, and spiritually. The ebony matte black stone consists of a crystallized form of carbon, called fullerenes, which provides anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This can help people with skin allergies, sore muscles, or other skin diseases and protect against harmful EMFs. Women can stack the bracelet with a set of beaded bracelets and a watch or choose to wear it alone; the choice is theirs. 

2. Floral Bracelet

The flower motif has been a favorite narrative for most jewelry designers and enthusiasts. It expresses one in a blooming state under challenging circumstances and can symbolize positivity for most women. Drenched in the rarest jewel, Tanzanite jewelry, the piece becomes even more valuable and alluring. Women in different settings can enjoy the floral bracelet by pairing it with a matching pendant necklace or a statement ring. We recommend selecting a beautiful cool tone metal, such as sterling silver, as it adds a natural white luster to the bluish-purple crystals and makes them look all the more ethereal. Wear the stylish embellishment in winters with your favorite turtleneck, or layer it over a trench coat along with a rope-length chain to complete your look.

3. Delicate Gold Cuff

Gold cuffs make a great statement piece and save women from the hassle of stacking multiple chains together. From Tiffany & Co’s classic T-wire cuff to Cartier’s famous Love bracelet, modern styles have dominated the jewelry world in an iconic yellow gold-tone. Women can take inspiration from such luxury pieces and create their selection of personalized bracelets. They can experiment with different charms, settings, mixtures of metals, and textures to create the most meaningful piece and express their individuality authentically. They can play around with different widths and layer them to their outfits with other accessories. An embellished cuff with the wearer’s birthstone such as Garnet and Topaz is also a classic and elegant option to elevate their outfits.  

4. Diamond-Enabled Bands

Sleek diamond bands are charming and eccentric pieces of adornment that can easily make a difference to a woman’s outfit and make her the center of attention in a room. Women that prefer a timeless piece of jewelry that they can wear and cherish for several years should undoubtedly choose a non-traditional design for their diamond-encrusted band. The loosely placed diamonds will give an undeniable elegance to the piece, while an eccentric metal tone will breathe new life into your overall look. Pair the band with your favorite dress or sweater for lunch or drinks out with friends, with other bracelets or a combination of jewelry; the choice is yours. The diamond band will make them look unique in any and every way possible. 

5. Rose Gold Bangle

Rose gold has been the new trend for 2021 – it can be seen on fine pieces of jewelry, bold gadgets, home decor, and even furniture! Rose gold is getting wildly accepted in the jewelry world because it suits all skin tones and disappears into the skin. Which is why it’s also a must for all minimalists at heart and those who’re bored of the same old gold and silver metal tones and wish to experiment with something new! A perfect example of femininity, elegance, and class, style your rose gold bangle with different combinations of outfits and occasions, and can also play around with crystal charms in complementary tones, such as Blue Topaz, Garnet, Ruby, or the Pink Sapphire.

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