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Funeral and Sympathy Flowers Buying Guide

The death of a loved one, friend, or colleague is an emotionally difficult time. You might not know what to do or how to act, but you’re sure that you want to show your respect in some way. Flowers are a thoughtful way to honor someone who has passed away and are often given at funerals and memorial services, or they can be given to family members of the deceased when there isn’t a service planned.

Before you go ahead and buy funeral and sympathy flowers, there are some things to consider when putting together the right bouquet.

Consider Your Relationship to the Deceased

It might seem like buying funeral and sympathy flowers is straightforward. But before you make the purchase, it’s important to consider your relationship with the person who has passed away and how well they know their family. Is this someone you were close to, it’s probably not too hard to determine what kind of flower s/he would want. However, if you aren’t as close and don’t know them that well, it might be a good idea to ask their family members for help. 

This way, they can share with you who the person was and what their favorite flowers were so that you can buy something meaningful. A good rule of thumb for whether or not you should buy funeral or sympathy flowers is that if it’s someone close to your life, then yes, flowers would be appreciated by the family. But if it’s a distant relation, then you might want to show your love, care, and condolences in the form of a card or a thoughtful note.

Decide on the Type of Flower Arrangements

There are different flower arrangements for funerals, such as standing spray, casket wreaths, crosses, hearts, wreaths, and baskets and bouquets. 

  • Funeral flowers with a standing spray may be the best choice for memorial services. These arrangements are usually placed on top of an easel or in front of a picture, and they include many stems that can reach up to six feet tall. 
  • Casket wreaths are another popular choice for funerals. These arrangements are placed on the casket and may include religious symbols such as a cross or heart. 
  • A funeral wreath with crosses or hearts is often used to celebrate life, and it is usually placed on top of an easel in front of a picture frame. 
  • Baskets and bouquets are also a good choice for memorial services and are often used during visitation, and they can be sent to the house of a bereaved family or placed on top of an easel in front of a picture frame at funerals.

Types of Funeral or Sympathy Flowers

Different types of flowers have different meanings associated with them, depending on cultural background and religion. In general, it’s a good idea to study the sort of flower you’d want to send ahead of time or any bouquet, for that matter. Some of the best flowers to send for funerals and sympathy condolence include:

  • Lilies are a classic choice for funerals and correspond to different things in many cultures. They express sentiments of both grief and purity.
  • Peace Lillies send a message of peace and hope for the future.
  • Carnations come in many different colors, but pink is said to be an especially comforting choice.
  • Orchids are used to celebrate the memory of a loved one that has passed away due to their vibrant colors and long life span. 
  • Tulips signify love, beauty, and perfection; perfect if you want to express love in honor of someone who’s passed. 
  • Roses often symbolize love and devotion which is why it’s common for people to send them as a gift. 
  • Chrysanthemums are a beautiful and graceful choice for funerals or memorial services when you want to express gratitude and

Delivery Options to a Funeral Home or Family

Funeral homes typically have a policy in place for when they are receiving deliveries. If you’re trying to coordinate the delivery of flowers and gifts, be sure to get in touch with them early on so that they can help guide your decisions. Depending on their protocol, there may even be certain times during the day that will work better than others. 

If you’re going to deliver the flowers yourself, make sure that your schedule will allow it and that you won’t be late. It’s important to remember those who were closest to them as well as honor their memory with a kind gesture such as this. 

Don’t Hesitate to Include a Short Message

While writing a short message to the family is not necessary, it’s always welcome. Send your thoughts of condolence through flowers and a supportive message meaningful for you and them. Buying funeral flowers can be a daunting task for those who are not familiar with the process. This guide will make it much easier for you. 

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