Artur Pawloski arrested without knowledge of cops

Many of you may remember Artur Pawloski as the pastor that stood up to the authoritarian government of Canada during the draconian lockdowns, and kept his church doors open despite the Canadian Gestapo’s best efforts. Eventually, Artur became public enemy number one in Canada because the officials really hate the church. Artur Pawloski has already spent some time in jail for his religious crimes, but he was arrested again.


When I saw that Artur Pawloski had been arrested again I was sure that it would have been for something ridiculous, however, I couldn’t find any information on what charges had been made against him this time, as the information has not been released yet. I called the police department that has him in their custody and arrested him for a statement, and I was told they did not know who Artur Pawloski is. This seems like quite the accomplishment to me. I think it must be pretty hard to arrest a public figure, get hundreds of calls about it, and then not know who you arrested. If that really is the case then the Calgary police department has some serious problems with basic competence, but I don’t think that is why they told me that Artur Pawloski did not exist.

I think this was an intentional order given out by the department, meant to keep this story as quiet as possible. Canada wants to disappear Artur Pawloski, and all of Christianity for that matter. This is an extremely bad warning sign of the way things are going in Canada. It has to get pretty bad before people are punished for practicing there religious beliefs, and we already know that religious persecution is extremely common in Canada. Anti hate laws dictate what one can believe and say about political issues. I remember once someone got in trouble for painting a cross walk with the pride flag because apparently it was hateful to gay people — it was a gay rights activist who made the sign in the first place. Of course, thinking about old stories like these, compared to the current persecution in Canada, it is clear that they are not even close to the same thing.

The laws that banned Artur from gathering his congregation are obviously insane, but the fact that they can just sweep someone off the street for being a Christian and attempt to disappear them is perhaps even worse. All the worst things in history have happened when governments can take people with no reason at all, and with no oversight. That is exactly what this is, they took him, now they deny even arresting him, and they certainly won’t tell us why.

Of course in reality we do know exactly why they took Artur into custody. They hate Christians, they hate people who speak out against there authoritarian regime, and they hate people who deny there edicts. That is exactly who Artur is, a practicing and devout Christian, a public speaker who criticizes Canada and specifically Calgary, the town where he was arrested; and he famously did not let the Canadian Gestapo take over his Church on Easter, or any other day for that matter.  Authoritarians can’t have people like Artur because people like him bring an end to there regimes, so they will continue to lock people like him up in Canada. Things are going to get a lot worse in Canada before they get better for Christians. They will continue to shut down churches, let churches burn, and they will continue to lock Christians up in jail if they dare speak out against their empire.


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My name is Nicholas and I am a conservative author. My qualifications include having a grasp on reality, a basic understanding of English, and that is about it. I tend to write about cultural and political issues such as abortion, the willful mutilation of oneself, and other things like that. Some people think inspiration is important for writing, but I write from a place of deep horror and disgust.

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