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The Benefits of Achieving Seamless Data Integration Using a Cloud-based HR & Payroll System

Accurate, effective, and efficient data management plays an important role in the overall success of your HR & payroll systems. Without a proper system in place, your processing times will suffer, records will be inaccurate, and your business may even be non-compliant with the relevant labor laws, which could result in a plethora of penalties and fines! Therefore, it’s important to establish a solid system to manage this data, and that’s where cloud-based payroll & HR software comes in! Offering seamless data integration and improved interdepartmental communication, your company will be far better off with it than without. Not convinced? Keep reading!


When you’re trying to expand the size of your business, onboarding new employees is an important part of the process. Unfortunately, it’s also extremely time-consuming, which means employers may not be able to expand as fast as they’d like. Thankfully, although creating a speedy onboarding process may present an issue for companies still using manual processes, that isn’t the case for those using integrated solutions. Cloud-based HRIS and payroll software like UZIO offers onboarding solutions that import new hire data as the forms are filled out, making duplicate data entities unnecessary. Instead, the new hire information will be instantly available, meaning HR & payroll staff won’t have to trouble themselves with the task of entering it manually.

Time & Attendance

Physical timesheets are an ineffective way to keep track of employee hours. Not only do they need to be manually tallied up, but they’re also susceptible to time card fraud, making them a less-than-preferable option. Fortunately, most payroll platform providers will offer T&A (Time & Attendance) software, which provides a way to record employee hours digitally. After hours are recorded, managers can either approve or deny the time stamps entered. Once approved, this information can be automatically imported to the payroll processing software, producing instant pay stubs!


While it’s certainly important that HR & payroll specialists have instant access to the information from their respective departments, it’s helpful if employees have access to this information as well! Rather than taking the time to make an appointment down at the HR department, employees with access to a self-service portal will be able to handle most of their needs right from the portal! Common features include the ability to view past pay stubs, view current pay period hours, request time off, and manage current benefits. Enabling employees to do these tasks on their own helps reduce dependence on the office staff, which will allow staff to spend less time addressing employee issues & more time tending to vital business functions.


Labor laws are not as simple as they used to be. Depending on where your business is located, you may be subjected to federal, state, and even local compliance rules & regulations. Keeping track of all of these on your own can be challenging; it becomes nearly impossible if you employ remote workers! Of course, non-compliance can result in fines or penalties, but it can be easily avoided by using an HRIS. When integrated with your payroll platform, the system is able to check the records for each employee, ensuring you haven’t violated any minimum wage requirements or labor laws, and alerting you if you have. This will allow your business to stay compliant (and fine-free) at all times, no matter how many employees you have to keep track of.


Creating reports is a fairly common task, with some (like the annual reports) being required, and others being voluntary (such as reports generated for company meetings). Regardless of the reason they’re created, reports generally take a long time to make, pulling employees away from completing other important business tasks. However, if you’re using software solutions, these reports can be generated automatically, providing the most up-to-date information neatly organized in mere seconds! If your HRIS is linked with your payroll software, you can even create reports using information from both departments in a single report.


Businesses that function more efficiently have the upper hand because they can outperform their competition. Data management and integration practices play a giant role in the overall efficiency of a company; without them, the business will be forever limited by its own employees. Fortunately, implementing software solutions (rather than relying on manual processes) allows you to easily give your company the boost it needs to succeed, so why wait? Begin your integration journey today!

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