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Peace Activist Caught On Video Beating Up Homeless Man Outside Minnesota Store

A peace activist was recorded beating up a homeless man outside a store in St. Paul, Minnesota, a video posted Thursday by a local crime watch Facebook page shows.

The peace activist was recorded punching and kicking the homeless man as he sat up against a cinderblock wall, the video shows. The person recording the incident told the peace officer “that’s not community peace right there” as he continued to hit the homeless man before tossing him aside.

The peace activist claimed the homeless man started the altercation by “putting his hand on” him, video shows. He told the homeless man to “get his bitch ass on,” before picking him up by the back of his shirt and throwing him into the parking lot.

“He shouldn’t have put his hands on me,” the peace activist said, video shows. “I’m going to toss your ass back out on the street again, go,” the peace activist told the homeless man as he tried to gather his belongings.


The homeless man threatened to come back to the store to kill the peace officer as he walked away, the video shows.

The peace activist wore a red “We Push For Peace” shirt, the organization was hired to respond to community incidents in St. Paul in place of armed police officers, Alpha News reported Monday. The peace activist was fired after the organization was made aware of the incident.

“I was directly made aware of the video and incident that occurred on Thursday, August 12, 2021 at Cub Foods on Clarence St, in St. Paul,” We Push For Peace Founder and CEO Trahern Pollard said in a statement. “As soon as I was made aware myself as well as 4 of my managers went over to address it immediately and terminate the associate.”

We Push For Peace partnered with the grocery store, Cub Foods, in place of having armed security at a few of the store’s locations in the region, Kare 11 reported Friday. The homeless man allegedly took items from the store without paying, resulting in an altercation with the peace activist.

We Work For Peace echoed their ex-employee’s claim that the homeless man started the fight after viewing video evidence of the incident, according to the statement. A St. Paul police officer reportedly met with the homeless man following the incident, according to crime watch Minnesota. 

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