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Home Organization: Eco-friendly Strategies for a More Organized Home

Small but impactful lifestyle changes are the best way to start a more eco-friendly life. You may already have started walking, biking, and carpooling more than using your own car to go to places. Instead of going to the mall, you go shopping in thrift stores. You may already even pay your bills online and started reducing your paper wastes. But there are other ways you can incorporate green living into your life.

You can start by living a simple lifestyle at home and improving how you organize your household. With an eco-friendlier way of organizing your living space, you get to reduce your environmental impact. You will also enjoy less clutter, reduced waste, and more savings.

Here’s how you can start organizing your home the eco-friendly way.

Turn Old Items into Organization Tools

Chances are you have old stuff lying around and only adding clutter in your home. Whether you have old boxes, glass jars, or food plastic containers, know that you can always give new life to these items. What better way to reuse these items than to use them to organize your stuff?

Use old shoe boxes and turn them into storage bins. With a bit of creativity, you can turn your box into a multi-purpose storage bin. You can store your beauty products, craft supplies, trinkets, jewelry, and even old mementos with a redecorated box.

For your old glass jars, you only need to clean them thoroughly to turn them into storage jars. You have the option to store kitchen ingredients like flour, cornstarch, or grains. You can also use these as planters, vases, or pen organizers.

For your old Tupperware or food plastic containers, avoid using this only once. Pick and clean airtight plastic containers in fairly good condition and use these to store items like dry fruits, spices, and sugar. You can also use these to store your beads collection and other smaller arts and crafts materials.

Set up Your Own Gift Station

Each year, we bring home different types and sizes of materials used to wrap presents and souvenirs. You can reduce your waste by reusing these unlikely gifting materials by creating your own gift wrapping station. You only need to collect each gift bag, wrapping paper, store boxes, and tissue papers to get started.

Use old baskets or boxes to store gifting materials. Have a place for everything and you will realize just how much trash you are tossing every time you send or receive a gift. With a few art supplies, you can reuse these again for the next holiday or occasion.

For instance, creating a card along with old wrapping paper is a unique way to spice up your gifting game next Thanksgiving. If you want your gifts to stand out, use rubber stamps, powder for embossing, and a heat tool to highlight important elements in your card. This will surely make your gift memorable to whomever you are giving gifts to the next season.

Brighten up the Space with Some Greenery

You can take a break from actually organizing your home by adding some air purifying plants inside the house. This will help you improve indoor air quality while giving new life to your living space. Note that you don’t necessarily need to fill the house with plants just to make it work.

Consider the amount of space you have before buying any indoor plants. The general rule is to buy local plants that can grow in your indoor environment. Consider if your room gets enough sunlight, how much space you have, and how much time you can dedicate to care for the plants.

Remember that not all plants can easily thrive indoors. Some require constant TLC. This could mean they need to always have the right temperature, sunlight in certain hours, and soil with specific acidity to thrive.

Get Some Inspiration and Imitate Using Sustainable Materials

Many products sold in the market that are meant to make home organization easier are outright expensive. But when you think about the materials needed to recreate one, you will find that you can build your own the cheap way. Thankfully, many DIY projects have free instructions on the internet.

The key is to use sustainable materials to imitate these products. Instead of buying brand-new wood recreate a suspended rope shelf, check what you already have in the house, and repurpose your own materials. You might just end up creating a better version out scraps found in your home.

Sometimes, the best way to reorganize your home is by doing this the eco-friendly way. You don’t necessarily need to buy brand-new materials or hire a pro to turn your home into a more organized living space. Embracing environment-friendly strategies will help you transform your living space into an organized and eco-friendly house.

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