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A Pain Relief System That Actually Works

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As we age, pain relief seems to be something that we are constantly on the lookout for. Whether it’s for a specific area of the body or multiple areas, the need is imminent. More often than not, we are at a loss of what system of pain relief to pursue simply because there seems to be so many. There are seemingly so many options with few that actually work or, rather, few that work quick enough.

This particular post is about pain relief cream that not only works but works fast. The cream helps with more than just pain. It is used with hemp seed extract that actively treats inflammation, bruising, and swelling.

As a family, we started this business to better assist with the relief of pain not because we want to cope well but because we want to be able to continue to get the best out of life. This pain relief cream has given us the ability to continue to do what we love with each other: biking, skiing, and everything else that the great outdoors has to offer.

Continue on this journey with us as we explain the best way to treat pain, the ingredients that are within our pain relief cream, and the testimonials that we have gotten.

If you are in need of a pain relief system that actually works, read on!


The best kind of treatment is the kind that you feel good about. In today’s world, it can be hard to feel good about pain relief treatment. With the advancement in technology, it can be assumed that any treatment for a bodily ailment that is used must be done in a doctor’s office.

With such a general need as arthritis pain, muscle soreness, or sprains, our pain relief cream is just the answer.

The disruption of arthritis pain can really affect a lot of daily tasks. Because of that, our pain relief cream uses a beneficial active ingredient that not only treats the pain but gives way for flexibility.

Muscle soreness is certainly something that can keep us from living our daily life in comfort. The cream helps alleviate the pain fast and with purpose. Because of its ability to work fast, there is minimal waiting time and, in turn, an ability to continue on with your day.

Active and Inactive Ingredients

The main active ingredient in our pain relief cream is trolamine salicylate. This ingredient is similar to aspirin. It helps to relieve inflammation as well as joint damage, muscle strains, and sprains. Additionally, it is also known to assist with relief from arthritis.

In addition to trolamine salicylate, our pain relief cream uses hemp seed oil. The extract is used mainly to help with moisturization. It helps the skin to lock in the moisture that is already there along with offering a barrier of protection. With this particular cream, less is not more.

While our main active ingredient is trolamine salicylate, we have plenty of inactive ingredients that help with the use of our pain relief cream. The most well-known of our inactive ingredients are water, hemp seed oil, and sunflower oil.

As stated, the hemp seed oil helps with the addition of moisturization. Not only does it help with protecting the skin from dryness but it has a quick absorption which is an additional help when it comes to a quick turnaround from pain relief.


One of the best ways to consider a product and its capability is to read through testimonials. Our pain relief cream has over 500 reviews. Some of the most applicable reviews have to do with the fact that the cream is fast and efficient.

In addition to the quality of the product, there is the importance of the quantity. The cream is available for purchase online, through our website. You are able to buy the cream by itself as a one-time purchase or, you can create an account and save!

Rather than continue to have to rely on over-the-counter drugs to take over and over again, why not be able to rely on a pain relief system that works? Why not decide to use a cream that is topical, absorbent, and able to moisturize all in one? Why not try something that is much more holistic in nature than a pill? Why not use HempVana’s Pain Relief Cream? It is quick. It is fast and it helps get your life back.

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