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Schools Become The Battleground for Democrats and the CDC

Early in the day on Tuesday, there were reports that the CDC was expected to reverse course yet again. Dr. Anthony Fauci had indicated he was part of the discussions, so it only makes sense that the CDC would flip-flop on their mask guidance.

Now, the CDC says that in areas that the Delta variant of COVID-19 is surging, even vaccinated people should wear masks indoors. It also continued that regardless of vaccination status, teachers, staff, students, and visitors should wear masks at schools nationwide.

In other words, the radical left decided there needed to be a battleground over those who refuse to not comply with taking the COVID vaccine. They decided to make that battleground the schools across the country.

President Joe Biden quickly placed the blame for the move on those who refuse to become vaccinated. Nothing was said about the fact that the vaccine has done nothing to stop the spread of COVID. Nothing was said about the personal decision to take the vaccine.

Instead, he chose to talk about mandatory vaccines and forcing Americans into compliance. That is the plan and the method that the radical left intends to use.

These radicals have already said that they intend to allow kids down to age 12 to consent to vaccines in school without parental consent. They see nothing wrong with this.

Hitler did not see anything wrong with brainwashing kids in school and forcing them into compliance either.

Hitler used schools to brainwash children with his ideas. He started as young as 10 years old, teaching obedience to the government, to Hitler, and the antisemitism that his leadership was known for. That certainly sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

We are seeing the radical left take the same steps. They have infiltrated our schools with indoctrinating curriculum. They are forcing ideas like critical race theory and hate of America on our kids. Now, they want to use the schools to teach obedience to the government.

That’s what this all boils down to. This is all about government obedience and control.

That move has set the battleground as the schools across our nation. It certainly helps you understand why parents across the country are up in arms at school board meetings over restrictions and curriculum. They realize how important this issue is and exactly what the radical left is doing.

It also explains the rise of homeschooling that we reported recently here at The Liberty Loft as well.

Either way, the radical left has set the stage for the battle. They are politicizing the coronavirus pandemic and are staking their claim on the youth of our nation. But we simply cannot let that happen.

Children continue to remain at low risk for the coronavirus. Among those vaccinated, the complications of coronavirus are significantly reduced, or so the experts tell us. You can die from a common cold, the flu, or many other viruses in the world.

Yes, you can take a flu shot and still die from the flu. Yet, we do not shut down our country or take over our schools with government obedience demands during flu season.

The last I checked, all adult Americans are eligible for the vaccine if they wish. Every teacher across this country has the option to go and have a COVID vaccine placed in their arm if they so desire. But the great thing about our country is they have the freedom to choose.

They can choose to take a flu vaccine, hepatitis vaccines, or many other vaccines if they wish, but we are going to sit here and say this is about the lack of Americans complying with a vaccine that has only been approved for emergency use? I’m not buying that one bit.

In fact, when Biden was being asked about vaccine mandates and mask mandates he said, “If you’re not vaccinated, you’re not nearly as smart as I thought you were.” So now we are resorting to insulting tactics to try to pressure Americans into getting vaccines?

You see, on either side of this mask restriction is a government mandate. For those wearing the masks, it’s a government order to comply with their order or face the consequences. On the other, it’s a forced vaccination whether you want it or not.

But the most concerning thing is that they have drawn the battleground at the schools. They are actively indoctrinating them with training for government obedience and submission. They are going to force the vaccine on kids, perhaps without you even knowing about it.

That does not sound like freedom or America to me at all. That sounds more like the communists and dictatorships that have oppressed societies down through the ages. Those leaders who forced their will on the people, regardless of the will of the people.

We always hear it said that children are our future. If we truly believe that, we will see a movement among Americans to combat this declaration of war from the radical left on our kids and schools.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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