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Mastering the Art of Mattress Shopping: 5 Useful Tips You Can Follow

Shopping is both an art and a skill – though, not many consumers think of it this way, probably because it requires you to spend money. But being able to do so while purchasing worth-it items is a talent not many can pull off right. So is the case with mattress shopping. Contrary to common belief, purchasing a mattress for your home also requires expertise of some sort.

With so many options now available, shopping for the perfect mattress for you can be pretty overwhelming. That is why to be a smart buyer, you first have to get familiar with a few basic mattress knowledge. Listed below are some helpful tips you can follow to help you master the art of mattress shopping.

Know Your Mattress Types

Thanks to advancements in technology, many mattress types are now designed to accommodate the specific needs of their users. Because of that, though, looking for the best mattresses that will suit your needs and preferences now becomes more complicated. Therefore, the best thing to do here is to be familiar with these types so you can avoid buying the wrong one.

  • Memory foam – this type conforms to the body well, which makes it suitable for cushioning sore muscles and painful joints. It is because of this that most side sleepers prefer to buy mattresses made out of memory foam. However, they also retain heat efficiently, so if you’re that type to get hot when you sleep, this is not ideal.
  • Latex – this mattress type is becoming more popular, especially among nature lovers, because its materials are primarily eco-friendly. Latex mattresses tend to offer more bounce than memory. In addition, they allow you to sleep cooler and contour to the body but not as deep as memory foam.
  • Innerspring – the oldest, most common, and probably cheapest mattress type. Innersprings use coils as support which gives the bouncy feeling. Though they provide good support and are often available in various firmness options, they don’t last long.
  • Hybrid – hybrid mattresses have support from an innerspring coil system and top layers of comfortable foam, either made from memory or latex. This type can accommodate a variety of sleeping positions and offers joint and pressure point relief. The most obvious downside, though, is that it can be slightly more expensive.

Although there are still many more types you can explore, the ones mentioned above are the most common.

Know Your Mattress Size

After deciding the type you’d like to purchase, the next big challenge you have to face is how big (or small) you want them to be. It can be king, queen, full, or twin. Knowing your mattress size helps in narrowing down your options. In addition to that, it can help you prepare your budget because prices will also depend on sizes.

To know your mattress size, you can start by asking these questions and answering them over your head: how much bedroom space do I have? Am I going to share my bed? Can I sleep comfortably if I buy it in this size? Your answer to these questions will only depend on your preference, so you don’t have to feel pressured while finding the perfect answers.

Know Yourself

Aside from mattress specifics, you also have to know yourself. Not the usual “my name is…” “my favorites are…” or whatnots, but more like what kind of sleeper you are. This includes being a side sleeper, stomach sleeper, or back sleeper. It will also help if you know if you are among those who constantly feel hot at night when you sleep.

If you’re experiencing health conditions such as neck or back pains, it would be beneficial to first seek help from a healthcare professional. This is to avoid more serious health problems in the future. Of course, there could be lots of potential reasons why you may have that, but if your mattress is what causes your back pain, it’s best to change it early on.

Know Your Financial Capabilities

It is one thing to believe that you can, but it is also one thing to admit that you can’t. Being realistic with your budget is probably one of the greatest tips you can ever come across. There’s no shame in buying a cheaper mattress. In fact, finding a mattress that fits your budget but one that does not compromise quality is a skill of a true mattress shopper.

Start busting the myth that buying more expensive mattresses means purchasing a better quality than the rest. Every individual has different ‘views’ on what’s comfortable. Some find firmer mattresses help ease their low back pain, while others prefer softer ones. Whatever it is, remember that the one that makes you comfortable is the one with the highest quality.

Know What Other People Think

When purchasing new mattresses for your home, knowing the opinions of those who already use the type you are interested in could help. Or, if you’re considering buying in an online shop, reading through customer reviews can help you balance whether the product is good or not.

Reviews from real customers are beneficial, especially during these times when you can’t go out to try out mattresses in a store yourself because of the pandemic. Consider reading both the negative and positive sides to help you weigh your options.


Having a bit of knowledge when you go mattress shopping can make you go a long way. When you know just what you want, you don’t have to be fooled with retailer gimmicks and get intrigued by freebies the next time you purchase a mattress again. Just by simply researching and getting the help of experts, you can master the art of mattress shopping!

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