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If You Can’t Get Them To Comply Willingly, Pay Them or Force Them

On Thursday, Americans were given the news that President Joe Biden has decided to encourage cash payments for Americans to obtain their vaccine. He has also decided to force federal workers to comply with vaccination or face forced testing, mask mandates, and travel restrictions.

If his goal is to make any federal worker who makes the choice to refuse the vaccine miserable, he is well on his way. I am just waiting for the first lawsuit to drop against the order to see exactly where this goes on the legal side.

Reuters shared Biden’s statement, “With freedom comes responsibility. So please exercise responsible judgment. Get vaccinated for yourself, the people you love, for your country.”

I do agree with part of his statement. With freedom, there is a responsibility that comes along with it. That responsibility is to make sure that we maintain the ability to be free. It is not the responsibility to force someone to take a vaccine that they do not wish to take. A vaccine that has yet to receive a full review and approval from the FDA.

But what is shocking was the request for local governments to fund cash payments. Not that someone on the radical left suggested giving away more money. After all, that’s the radical solution to everything. They simply believe they can print more and give more to get their way.

The move will allow state and local governments to access federal coronavirus aid money to pay Americans $100 to get their vaccines. Money that was set aside to aid in the “recovery” is going to be used to pay for compliance.

Let me cut right to the chase. Joe Biden and the radical left believe that they have given enough money to Americans to have them addicted. They believe that the majority of Americans who have yet to obtain a COVID vaccine can be bought for $100.

The decision goes to two extremes. On one side, the decision is to try and reward compliance with government mandates. On the other, to make your life miserable for failing to obey the government.

Are we really this naive to believe that this is all about a vaccine? Are we really naive to believe that this is all about “ending a pandemic?”

Yes, COVID cases are on the rise across the country. The problem is that the cases of COVID are significantly below prior levels across the nation. Hospitalization rates are nowhere near crisis levels. Deaths continue to remain low and we all know the controversy surrounding how COVID deaths are assigned anyway.

To give even more clarity to the situation, COVID deaths are at levels that were present when COVID restrictions were being relaxed. Cases may be on the rise, but deaths are not rising at the same rate.

Even case levels are low when compared to earlier in the pandemic. Now, we are moving back to mandates and restrictions. Even threatening federal employees with preventing their travel if they refuse to take a vaccine.

So why the drastic move? It’s certainly not the lethal nature of the new variant. It’s also not the fact that hospital systems are overwhelmed.

Yes, it’s all about control.

That’s exactly what President Joe Biden is trying to do here. He continues to flex his control over Americans in any way possible. That’s just what the radical left does. You are rewarded if you are compliant, but punished if you choose freedom.

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