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How to avail of a bail bond in a few simple steps?

An arrest can happen in a matter of a few seconds. Someone close to you got arrested, and you need to apply for a bail bond. There are a ton of queries that need to get answered, such as your next step.

Below are a few bail bond details that you should be aware of in times of need. And processing bail in Hartford, CT, can be a task.

The entire process of bail bonds is a bit different especially, in Hartford. First, you should be aware of where you should go. The police department should be your first stop. It is essential to park at the visitor’s spot in case you go there by personal vehicle. If you need to meet someone who got arrested, you should use the intercom button to get to the lobby.

Once you are in the hall, speak to a dispatcher or an officer who can guide you with the details. You can get information on the bail bond and how much it can cost. Finally, you will require the services of a bail bondsman, or even a local agency can help. Either way, anyone you hire to post a bail bond needs to have a license, to begin with, the procedure.

Processing the bail bond

Bail bonds at Hartford, Ct need to be processed at the police station. But, to begin with, in the bail bond process, you will need expert help from a bondsman. The agent can help you understand the procedure of posting a bail bond. For the bondsman, you will also need to pay a fee, sign a few documents, guaranteeing the responsibility of the individual arrested and identification.

In case you are unable to complete the bail procedure, there are chances that the accused can go to court at the soonest date available. In the court process, the bail of the accused will get reconsidered and arrangements set. If the accused is still unable to receive bail, they might go to a correctional center.

When should you process the bail? ​

Processing the bail can be done right after the defendant and their case gets processed at the police department. A bondsman or bail agent can help with your bail from any police department. Frequently, bail bond agent companies monitor the process intimately. It helps in accelerating the bail even before your booking is complete. After getting to know the amount of the bail, the bondsman will disclose the payable fees.

Time duration spent by an arrested individual

Individuals arrested by the Hartford police only spend a single night in jail, and at times only a few hours. Then the individual is taken to court as soon as a court date/time is available. Accordingly, the arrested individual may spend somewhere between 1 day to 30 days until they get a court date. Moreover, the judge can either amend the conditions or send the defendant directly to a disciplinary unit at the court. As such, the case can get prolonged and shifted to another day.

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