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Why a wholesale printer is your best choice for printing business cards

The greatest impact of digitalization on business cards is evident in the superior quality of print that looks highly attractive and creates a favorable impression about the business. Digitally printed business cards look elegant and formal and can instantly connect customers to the business. The ability to directly engage customers with businesses makes business cards one of the indispensable marketing tools that withstood the test of time.

Business cards remain as important as before for marketing any business even in the digital age because it bears proof of an authentic business and helps professionals in all fields from plumbers to electricians and from contractors to mechanics and entrepreneurs and business owners to create live contact with target customers.

Business cards introduce your business to customers as an authentic entity and allow them to form the first impression and an opinion about your business, which is critical to gain their trust and build a relationship that lasts for years. Like you would be well dressed and present your best side when meeting customers, in the same way, you must uphold the business in the best way through business cards, designed and printed with some thought. You cannot compromise on the aesthetics and quality of business cards despite the small numbers that you may need and procure them from some printer that deals in wholesale business cards.

Small quantity is not a problem for wholesale printing

The lot size for printing visiting cards is always very small. Maybe you will need a few hundred cards at a time and wonder if the wholesale printer would accept your small order. Indeed, the term wholesale might make you skeptical that the printer would do not accept small orders, and you are at a loss about getting the job done. There is an easy solution to the problem. You place your order on some print reseller who has an account with a wholesale printing company. The reseller acts as an aggregator for the printing company. It executes several small orders through the printer who does not mind accepting small orders that add up to a sizeable quantity during the month. In that respect, the wholesale printer does not impose any minimum order quantity on its clients and remains flexible in executing small orders.

Save cost by opening your account with the wholesale printer.

Printed stationery like brochures, flyers, postcards, booklets, wall calendars, etc., and office stationery like letterheads, envelopes, notepads, and promotional materials like customized mugs and bottles are standard requirements for businesses. Businesses usually have a separate head for stationeries when budgeting, and it is possible to generate considerable cost savings using the services of the wholesale printer through the print reseller. The wholesale printer will consider the annual volume of business that you are likely to assure them, and in turn, they offer you a much lower cost than the retail market. It will result in considerable cost-saving, and at the same time, you receive superior quality products delivered on time as per your schedule.

Speedy ordering and delivery

It’s a lot more convenient to work with a wholesale printer that adapts an online business model to speed up the ordering process and lends more clarity to the interactions that result in the superior quality of printed products. The print reseller is your interface with the wholesale printer. It can help you to choose the most desirable design for your business card from the comprehensive offering of more than 20 types of business cards. Although you will be operating through the print reseller, it does not affect the speed of delivery because the wholesale printer can arrange for blind shipping by concealing its identity while dispatching the ordered items to clients directly on behalf of the print reseller.

High quality business cards

You can choose a card from various business cards depending on your budget, business requirements, and company culture. To create a common business identity by using business cards, you can select one type of card and a single business card design for everyone from the CEO to down below so that it becomes an identity of your business. Create a unique design by placing the company logo at a particular position on the card and choose a proper layout for providing all-important business information. Choose the fonts, font size, and colors with some thought so that you can draw attention to the most important information quickly.

The card quality choice also speaks about your business’s status. You can choose from the most cost-effective option that offers the best business value to premium quality cards like lamination business card and UV (High Gloss) business card. You might even prefer matte finish cards or something in between glossy and matte finish business cards.

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