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Where Can I Travel To?

As Americans, we are used to a certain amount of freedom – it’s something we hold dear. Yet, due to the coronavirus pandemic, those freedoms necessarily had to be curtailed. Now that we are coming out the other side, many of us in this country are keen to start traveling again, but the rules might feel a little confusing. Just where in the world can we go, and what do we need to do once we arrive or return?

Whether traveling for business, to see family, or for fun, knowing the rules and understanding that not all countries are at the same stage of their vaccination programs as the USA is crucial. Here are some of the countries you may wish to visit and the rules regarding each one. Of course, if the country you want to go to is not on this list, do check to see what the restrictions and regulations are.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is a very popular place, and it’s no wonder that Americans are excited to be able to go back there once again. The great news is, if you can show that you are fully inoculated against COVID-19, there are no restrictions to reach the country, as long as you complete the vaccination program at least two weeks before arrival.

For anyone over ten who has not yet completed the program, you must be able to show a negative PCR test. This will need to be taken at least five days before your arrival. If you’re staying longer than four nights, you will also need to take a rapid antigen test. Your visa that you need to enter the Bahamas will include insurance coverage should you be denied entry due to a positive or out-of-date test. As long as you are clear of COVID-19 and you follow the rules, you can leave your car quite happily at Atlanta airport parking and enjoy a great trip.


Any American who is six years old or more will be allowed to travel to Egypt as long as they have a written record of a negative COVID-19 test. The test has to have been taken within 96 hours of arrival. However, it should be mentioned that in some cases, it would appear that tests older than 72 hours have caused travelers to be denied entry. Therefore it is advised that you take your test as close to your departure as possible while also allowing yourself enough time to receive the results.

You will need proof of health insurance before you can enter the country as well. It has been reported that visitors who travel to the area of Sharm el Sheikh have been allowed to enter without a PCR test, but that doesn’t mean a free pass; they are tested on arrival and will be put into quarantine until the rest results are confirmed. Bear this is mind if you intend to make any travel plans to this area of Egypt.


There are no restrictions for visitors who are fully vaccinated at least two weeks before arriving in Greece. Alternatively, if you show that you have contracted and recovered from coronavirus within the last two to nine months, you will also have no restrictions on you when traveling to Greece.

There must be a negative test taken less than 72 hours before arrival for anyone older than five, and there are spot checks at the airport, with random passengers being given a rapid test.

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