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Bitcoin (BTC): Best Choice in 2021?

In 2021, as in the past, the platform is actively promoting the idea of collaborative consumption. Its developers strive to create the necessary conditions for other developers so that they will not depend on third parties, for example, social networks or the owners of the website.

How will they implement it, or, maybe, they already did? In general terms, everything looks as follows:

  • An author posts the product of their intellectual activity on one of the websites for decentralized applications (DApp).

Some History

The crowdfunding of the well-known BitTorrent resource became a significant event, which allowed the release of BTT.

It is a decentralized exchange where one does not have to register. The whole procedure takes just a couple of clicks, and any Internet user can understand the interface. Besides, by exchanging cryptocurrencies via the Godex service, you are guaranteed to get the market’s best rate. In some cases, this can play a huge role in your trading strategy.

True, there are certain risks associated with this mechanism. Since only 27 super representatives determine the project’s fate, this can threaten decentralization.

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