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How to make your rental property more environmentally-friendly

The greater availability of information has enhanced awareness of sustainability. People are more knowledgeable on the topic and they’re willing to go to extra lengths to protect the planet. Therefore, landlords have no choice but to adapt to the situation and improve the energy efficiency of the properties they’re renting. In addition to meeting tenants’ expectations and needs, landlords can reap many benefits by becoming green, such as reducing operating costs, demonstrating vision and leadership in the industry, and paving the way to a sustainable future. 

No matter if you have a new or older rental property, make the necessary changes and include green amenities. If you don’t know where to start, maybe these suggestions will come in handy. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to do to become an eco-friendly landlord. 

Install LED light bulbs 

Classic light bulbs use up about 876 kW of energy, meaning that running an incandescent light bulb would cost a lot. What’s more, the light bulb has to be replaced on a regular basis. The typical light bulb reaches 50% light degradation in 6 months or so. The good news is that the light bulb market has undergone considerable change and now you can buy energy-saving products like LED bulbs. The components of the LED bulb extend its lifespan, so it can last for thousands of hours. Most importantly, LEDs are energy efficient; it takes only a 6 watt LED to produce the same amount as a 40 watt classic light bulb. 

Having LED lights can improve the energy efficiency rating of the property, so you can finally obtain the Energy Performance Certificate. Avoid the fines and make sure that your rental property meets the new standards. LED bulbs are highly efficient and they never seem to break. You don’t have to worry about wasted heated output or that the LEDs overheat. Alleviate some of the property-owning burdens by installing LEDs. Additionally, set yourself apart from the competition no matter who is paying for the utility bills. 

Replace the old boiler with an eco-friendly and energy-efficient one

Old boilers are regarded as commercial waste and they’re generally disposed of. You may be able to take your boiler to a scrap yard and get something in return. The metal can be reused for all sorts of things. The importance of saving water can’t be stressed enough. By replacing the old heating unit with a newer one, you’re saving not only the water but also the heating that goes into it. It’s your responsibility, as the landlord, to make sure that tenants have hot water while the boiler is being replaced. In this respect, it would be a good idea to rent a boiler. 

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From cities to rural areas, boiler rental services are widely available. So, there are companies offering boiler rental NYC (New York City), in case you’re interested. Some of the advantages of resorting to boiler rental include but aren’t limited to getting things running up and quickly, finding a model that works with your rental property, and ready availability. If your boiler was installed before 2005, chances are that it’s based on non-condensing technology. It’s bad for the environment because it releases a lot of CO2 and leads to high heating bills. You’re better off installing a condensing unit. When selecting a boiler system, make sure it strikes a balance between the desire for environmental responsibility and reasonable expectations. 

Have programmable thermostats installed

If the tenants have programmable thermostats, they’re able to take control of the temperature in the home. Rather than cranking up the air conditioner during a heat wave, they can sit back and relax because there’s a perfectly consistent temperature throughout the home. Of course, the energy bills will be at a reasonable price. Some thermostats feature an auto-changeover switch, meaning that the unit switches between heating and cooling automatically, depending on the indoor temperature.  

Using less energy helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are associated with energy production. That’s why eco-friendly consumers use programmable thermostats. They give more control over the temperatures in the home, so people can remain comfortable all season long. Heating and cooling are automatically reduced in the space, as it’s not necessary. Update the rental so that tenants can easily adjust the air conditioning to save money. 

Check if the rental property is well-insulated

A well-insulated property enables the owner to save a great deal of money when it comes to heating and cooling costs. If you haven’t had time to check the rental property, do it as soon as possible. The vast majority of homes aren’t insulated to the optimal recommended levels. It makes perfect sense from an economic standpoint to insulate the rental property. Weather-proof the doors with caulk and seal around doors and door panels. Equally important is to insulate the pipes and ductwork in unconditioned spaces. Eliminate sweating and humidity. 

The insulation process can be complicated and tiresome, especially if you don’t know what areas require attention. It’s a good idea to reach out to a handyman or an insulation contractor like iFoam to help you tackle this project. They will inspect the rental property and recommend what kind action to take. The location and climate will play an important part in determining how much insulation you need and what type is most suitable. Good insulation will save money and decrease the use of limited energy supplies. And it will provide protection against the noise coming from the neighbors. 

Offer recycling options to your residents

Tenants generate a considerable amount of solid waste, which translates into the fact that you have the chance to recycle several materials, including plastics, glass, aluminum, and cardboard. Give your tenants the option to recycle. You have no control whatsoever over what things your tenants use, but there is something you can do, namely help them properly dispose of the garbage. Invest in upcycled containers and encourage recycling habits. Let tenants know that you’re keen to protect the planet and they should do their bit for the environment too. you’ve got nothing to lose. 

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