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Authorities Arrest More Than 100 Illegal Aliens in Rio Grande Valley Stash House

EDINBURG, Texas – On Monday, Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol (RGV) agents apprehend 131 illegal immigrants in two stash houses

Yesterday morning, RGV agents in coordination with Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) troopers, Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office, and the Alton Police Department arrived at the property in Alton, Texas, suspected of being used for human smuggling. Upon arrival, law enforcement officers witnessed several subjects fleeing from the location into the surrounding area. A Customs and Border Protection air unit assisted in the arrest of multiple subjects attempting to avoid apprehension. A total of 108 illegal aliens were taken into Border Patrol custody, including one identified caretaker. Within the group were five unaccompanied children and two family groups with children as young as 6 years old. The aliens were identified as citizens of Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Ecuador.

One hour later, the Rio Grande City Border Patrol Station received information regarding a Rio Grande City, Texas, residence being used to harbor illegal immigrants. Agents and Texas DPS troopers arrived at the location and discovered 23 illegals. No caretaker was identified.

Border Patrol processed all subjects accordingly.

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  1. These “Criminal Trespassers” that are brought in by human smugglers are NOT the same a those turning themselves over to Border Agents. THEY ARE ‘SNEAKING’ IN FOR A REASON….Most are wanted for crime in their own country……and some commited crimes in OUR country deported but still WANTED by U.S. Law Enforcement….Some have paid the smugglers but once here, held in these ‘stashes’ while the smuggler demands more money from those left in Mexico or counrey of origin. The stash conditions are horrid, grossly over crowded, filthy and rapes are common.

    Biden’s open door policy leaves the trails litered with bodies of the infirm or those that can’t take the heat….We do them no favors in encouraging them to come.

    Rich, I really appreciate your information as many living away from the border have nary a clue what it’s like to shop your neighborhood Walmart and think you should’ve brought your passport…..

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