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4 Tips to Build Your Brand Voice with Memes

Building a strong and robust connection with audiences on social media platforms is the first thing many businesses target to achieve. Lighting up the workday and getting paid to look at the memes sounds interesting right? If you want to involve in this type of work, you need to create memes for your brand that can be explored by your audiences. 

The humor of the meme is the greatest way to connect with the funnier side of your followers. Additionally, it will also motivate them to share your content. Not to mention, if the quality of your content is high, they will come back again. Apart from that, memes are also extremely popular with all kinds of demographics. 

Are you eager to try memes? In this article, we will discuss 4 meme tips that will help you to build your brand voice. 

Decide if the Memes are Relevant for Your Brand

First, you must decide whether the memes are a good fit for the image of your brand or not. However, it depends on the requirement of your customers as well as your methods of responding to them. If the image of your brand and your audiences are relaxed and you’re in a less serious industry such as web hosting, then using a little humor is not a bad practice. 

On the other hand, if the image of your company is more serious or expensive, memes can undermine or destroy your brand’s image and ultimately turn off your potential customers. For instance, neither memes will work not promote the image of heart surgeons, real estate law firms, and Rolex. 

Keep Up With the Economy of Memes

As per Hostgator, to develop an effective meme marketing program, you need to understand the economy of the memes. In other words, you have to understand the trending and popular memes, which memes could gain popularity or, which memes are facing backlashes. 

Sometimes a meme becomes so popular and so relevant for your brand that you need to meticulously craft it and post it at a particular time before it burns out. No matter how easy this might seem, the actual process requires a lot of hard work. 

Be Willing to Delete a Meme

Even if you create a very good and funny meme and your whole team loves it, breaking news can change the context of your memes within a couple of seconds. 

For instance, if you develop a funny airplane meme and a major airplane accident took place on the same day, you need to take your meme down so that people don’t start assuming that you’re poking fun at the accident.  

Create Memes that Will Speak to Your Audiences

The topics and humor of your meme will depend on the taste of your customers. If you don’t know how to find great meme topics, consider visiting Meme Scout where you can find tons of great meme ideas as well as a template to create a successful and funny meme.  

Don’t forget that the purpose of your memes is to connect with the audience of your brand. You don’t need to compete with the teenagers as they’re on a different level of meme communication. Instead, make them your target audience. 


These are the 4 meme tips you need to keep in mind to build your brand’s voice. Over time, you’ll notice that your capability of developing memes has enhanced. Remember to use your meme knowledge to build your audience as well as grow your brand. 

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