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Top Benefits of Having Privacy Booths in an Open Office Plan

In a radical departure from the old office layouts, the trend in office setups has for quite some time now swung to an open office plan where everyone can see and interact with each other easily. However, as convenient as an open office is, you can be subject to a continuous stream of distractions. To prevent distractions from affecting productivity and also to ensure privacy when required, an increasing number of contemporary offices are including privacy booths in the office layout. A quick look at the benefits accruing from privacy booths or phone booths:

Preserving Employee Focus

An office layout should be conducive to getting things done without distractions. However, in an open office design getting enough privacy can sometimes be difficult. In such a situation, a privacy booth helps them to carry on working in a distraction-free environment. When employees can escape a noisy environment or if they need to work on a confidential document by going into a privacy booth, it can help them to focus more, ensure higher accuracy, and more productivity.

Engage Better with Customers

Engaging potential or existing customers over the phone remains one of the most popular ways of interacting. However, with offices increasingly adopting an open plan, it can be somewhat difficult to find a quiet spot to have a chat with them. A constant stream of distractions or a noisy background is not only distracting for you but also annoying to the person on the other end because they will want your undivided attention. When someone rings you up to resolve an issue, they will expect you to listen to them carefully, give them their due importance, and resolve their issues efficiently. If you can access a TalkBox Booth, you can log in to your laptop and even carry out a video conference without distractions of any kind.

Offer Better Control over Work

Very often, employees become frustrated and stressed out if they feel they are unable to exercise adequate control over their work. Their work can be negatively affected by their anxiety, and they may even show signs of depression, which can be very serious unless tackled early. However, as a business owner, you can make it easier for employees working under stressful conditions or engaged in a particularly tough task by giving them access to a privacy booth. It can insulate them from the distractions and noise of a co-working space and provide the peace to work in a more relaxed manner. It is seen that even just the knowledge that they have a peaceful space to go to can lead to less stress building up. According to a Forbes report, eliminating interruptions can be an effective way of dealing with stress in the office.


Including privacy booths in an open office is not only a matter of great convenience for the workers allowing them greater control over their work and reducing their level of stress. Privacy booths are also seen as a sign of the professional and modern outlook of the company management by potential job applicants, especially the young that have a large number of choices of employment.

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