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How to Buy a Cheap Living Room Set that Doesn’t Look Cheap

We all want to save money, but there are some things that you just shouldn’t scrimp on and living room furniture is one of them. Cheaply made living room sets will need to be replaced much sooner than quality furnishings, making them more costly in the long run. But the desire for sturdy, long-lasting furniture doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend big on the best either.

If you shop savvy, you can get a great deal on a cheap living room set that is sturdy enough to last the 7 to 15 year average. Here are some easy steps to follow to get the best living room furniture.

Browse online for the cheapest furniture sets.

If you want to get a higher quality cheap living room set, shopping online is the way to go. Start there, finding a living room set that you particularly like at a reasonable price. But don’t order yet! There are a few more things you should do first.

See the living room set in person at your local furniture store.

Find a local home furniture store that has the living room set you’ve chosen, or one of the same brand and similar make. Go see this furniture in person. Sit on it and make sure it is comfortable. Measure it so you can ensure it will fit in your space. Take stock of the upholstery and try to determine how hard it would be to maintain.

Check the sturdiness of the furniture.

There are a few areas in particular that you should check for to ensure that you’re not buying a cheaply made product, even though you’ll be paying cheap prices. Look at the legs or base of the pieces. Try to jiggle them. Don’t use enough force to break the piece (you break it, you buy it), but use enough force that if the piece is likely to break off it will give just a bit. You should also check the seams of the upholstery, as well as joints throughout the furnishings.

Get back online to compare prices and reviews.

Once you’re set on a living room set, hop back online and start comparing. You’re going to be able to find that living room furniture on many sites, all at widely varying prices. When you find a really good price for the living room set you want, make sure they aren’t going to be hijacking your credit account for unreasonable shipping charges, and check the reviews for that site. Make sure that their return policy is reasonable, and look for reviews from people who have experienced it first hand.

Before making that final purchase, double check that you are purchasing new furniture. Some unscrupulous sites sell expensive living room sets at cheap prices because they are selling pre-leased pieces rather than brand new. Finally, when you are certain that the online furniture store and the living room set itself are what you are looking for, order away and wait for it to arrive.

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