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Cloud SSD Vs. Other Hosting Plans: Which One To Choose?

Do you want to have a live site on the internet? If so, you will require web hosting. But when you look for one such option, you will come across a buffet of schemes offered by several service providers. It makes it difficult for you to choose the right option. A cloud SSD is said to be a better choice than other hosting plans. But to be 100% sure before you opt for the service, here are a few comparisons. Take a look!

  • Configuration, server resources, and management 

Like tablets, desktop computers, smartphones, web hosting servers come with a finite range of storage capacity and processing power. But cloud SSD servers have a unique approach as they have a pool of resources and cooperate to host several sites. It comes with added hardware, so more resources are offered to customers. Also, it can be tagged to the account in a single click. 

Shared hosting is setting everything on the table with the need to start everything online. It has a drag and drop builder, a market credit, email accounts, etc. But the best cloud SSD hosting has a control panel, upgraded hardware, managed services to deal with maintenance tasks, etc. 

  • Performance 

In terms of performance, cloud hosting servers are much better and give ultra-fast pages. It permits sites to configure the hosting environment they prefer. They can maximize performance metrics and all possible efficiencies. Speed is the most important factor customers look for while browsing online. If a particular site does not have enough high loading speed, it loses traffic. But with cloud hosting, you do not have to fear as they have excellent speed. 

On the other end, shared hosting speed fluctuates the performance of the site. As a result, it is recommended to opt for cloud SSD servers. 

  • Expensive 

Cloud hosting is expensive compared to other servers, but it offers the best service. In terms of scalability, performance, etc., it satisfies all your requirements. Some plans are available for a few dollars but may not offer the best service. 

Thus, cloud hosting service has more performance and security features while shared does not. Also, if you want to enhance your security parameters, cloud SSD is a better choice. 

Other common aspects 

Even though cloud and shared hosting have different performance approaches, security, server configuration, and cloud, they also have a few similarities. They are: 

  • Round the clock customer support

Both have round-the-clock customer support so their customers can work smoothly and upgrade plans whenever required. They have specialized managed services that will help you when you encounter any problem. 

  • Installation of software 

Reputed shared and cloud service providers provide one-click software installation covering your needs, blog platform, etc. Cloud SSDs also allow customers to pick from the software they want to install. 

In the end 

SSD cloud server is the best hosting to opt for if you want to enjoy the best features. A variety of schemes are available with the top service provider that will help you attain your requirements. 

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