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3 Indications That Your Business Needs a New Search Engine Optimization Partner

Utah is located in the Intermountain West, typically referred to as the “Crossroads of the Western US Region.” The state is locked between Colorado, Idaho, Arizona, and Nevada and is considered the 13th largest state in the country.

Utah is considered one of the booming tech hubs in the country, housing industry giants like, Domo, Artemis Health, and Clearlink. Industries flock to the state because of a deep talent pool, a supportive State Government, and a great community that helps your business flourish.

If you have a developing company trying to find its niche in the local business environment, you would understand the need to have your website optimized. However, looking for the right partner is often a little taxing considering the number of service providers in the state.

If you have an SEO partner who does not provide the level of performance you have in mind, opting for the right Utah-basedsearch engine optimization team is the best solution. Here are some indications that your business needs to hire a new SEO partner.

  1. When the SEO Company Does Not Have a Solid Strategy for Your Business

SEO is often tedious work that involves a lot of website planning. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution as most businesses have unique requirements. For example, startups won’t have the same audience as an established business.

Therefore, SEO campaigns are driven to look for the right demographics and ensure that the website is built to have the right traction. There are no shortcuts in SEO, particularly when your business aims to have the right connections.

Most often, one of the key indicators that would indicate that you are dealing with a fraudulent SEO team is the lack of a solid strategy to meet your business needs. An agency must have a solid plan to improve its website metrics.

Additionally, an SEO company must enforce the right solutions to establish your business as the authority in your business field. The team must know how to improve user experience so it drives visitors down the sales funnel.

  1. Be Cautious of SEO Companies That Use Gray Hat Practices

The Gray Hat tactic is an illegal method of purchasing old domains, cloaking, link buying, and duplicating content to get your website to the top of the SERP. It falls between the white hat strategy and black hat tactics.

Gray hat practices are a high-risk strategy that does not ethically violate search engine algorithmic rules. But it is manipulative and often puts your brand and website at risk. Essentially, when looking for the right partners to help you achieve a better search engine ranking, you would want to look into their portfolio.

SEO companies with a solid reputation thrive because of customer satisfaction. Whether an SEO company uses gray hat tactics might be a little hard to determine. But it only takes a little intuition to know if the SEO campaign a team employs is dubious.

Employing gray hat tactics won’t help your business much, other than putting your website on the bad side of search engines. Essentially, you would want to engage the help of a Utah-based search engine optimization team that only employs white hat tactics.

  1. Be Wary of SEO Agencies That Does Not Understand Your Business Needs

Hiring an SEO agency is a delicate process as it can make or break your business. One of your goals must be increasing the bottom line, which is derived from organic traffic. The right team should have a clear understanding of your website’s strengths and where it is lagging.

Understanding your business’ unique needs comes from having a portfolio of clients from different industries. The right SEO agency knows the importance of building up your organic traffic so your business can funnel and convert more leads.

A good SEO company should understand your business goals to make every optimization campaign effective. An agency must boost website statistics, and also every optimization campaign must deliver the right results.

The right team also works to increase your ROI by understanding the basic requirements of your business. Staying afloat and maintaining your business ranking on the search engine results page means knowing the intricacies of running your operational strategies.

An effective SEO is often a reflection of an agency’s understanding of your business and marketing needs. When looking for the right partner, always make sure to find an agency with a portfolio of clients from all strings of marketing niche. It is often the most visible sign that you are dealing with the right SEO agency.

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