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10 essential rules of web design you need to know

Web design has evolved and established standards to ensure consistent and usable designs. Some of these rules were created simply because some of the website builders abused certain principles without regard for their users.

But these rules are not imposed by anyone and should be broken when necessary, especially when breaking them would lead to an impressive web design. In this article, we present 10 rules that can be broken if they suit your design needs.

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Rule # 1: Don’t show the horizontal scroll bar

A significant number of mouse do not have a horizontal wheel. This makes it difficult to scroll from left to right when the content of a web page extends beyond the sides of the browser. It can be annoying having to move your cursor to the bottom of the window and drag the scroll bar again just to see a word or two that are beyond the visible area of ​​the page.

Rule # 2: use a minimal font number

Too many fonts generally conflict with each other and overwhelm the user. Every font has a personality, and many personalities can create a mess. To effectively use more than a couple of fonts, one layout has to be very text-oriented, and the rest of the layout has to be relatively quiet.

Rule # 3: Don’t use too many colors

The fear of going too far with a design is what separates the pros from the novices. Sometimes they try to make designs as extreme as possible, with burning words, flashing text, and as many colors as possible. Some want to keep their designs subtle and easy on the eyes, but in the end, their designs can sometimes appear lifeless.

Rule # 4: Make your site’s goal obvious

Something that crowds into the ears of young designers is that a design must instantly tell viewers what they are looking for before reading any text. Brand recognition is important for large companies, but sometimes you have to be a little smarter to get the viewer’s attention. Withholding information can arouse the user’s curiosity and desire to know more. Applying this technique to web design can greatly increase the time users spend on your website.

Rule # 5: Navigation should be easy to figure out

Users must be able to find what they are looking for quickly. Sometimes engaging navigation can help the user feel connected to the site and what is being promoted.

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Rule # 6: Use Different Colors for Text and Background

Many web designers are so afraid of making text unreadable that they don’t realize they used the same color for both the background and the font itself. You can follow some simple techniques to make similar colors work.

Rule # 7: Don’t put Animation in the way of your content

Don’t make little Flash ads appear right where the user is reading. The same goes for the poll boxes that are displayed every time the user is in the middle of a sentence. Users don’t like to be distracted when they are in the middle of a sentence.

Rule # 8: Fonts

Although letter replacement techniques are still young, they are already making quite a stir.

Rule # 9: Landing page

Many designers have had the same discussion with their clients about why a landing page is not a good idea. Google tends to rank lower than these types of pages and to slow down the user to obtain the content they are looking for.

Rule # 10: Don’t use tables

Any web designer who uses tables in their designs can instantly be called a newbie by experienced designers. Tables don’t display the same in all browsers, and it can make your code look messy, but at least you’ll know what you’re getting with them.

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