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Why should you opt-in for a dog-bite attorney?

Have you suffered a dog attack? If yes, it can be a terrifying experience. Generally, dogs are playful and friendly. However, when they attack, it can result in life-long scarring and severe injury. In most cases, we can see that the aggressive behavior of a dog is due to the owner’s negligence.

According to law, if you get injured because of a dog, the owner should pay the medical costs. Hence, if you got injured because of a dog bite, it’s a brilliant idea to get in touch with a lawyer. To know more, you can check out JD Injury Law, APC talks about dog bite accidents.

Proving the liability in a dog accident case

Can you hold a person liable for dog bite injuries? That will ultimately depend on your case strength and the state laws. In a few places, the “one-bite” rule gets used and imposes the liability if the owner had an idea or a reason to know that their pet dog was dangerous. For instance, if the dog had bitten anyone else in the past. The other statutes impose strict liability where an injured person showed that their injury resulted from the dog bite. Wherever they were, they had a legal right for the same, irrespective of the preventive measures implemented by the owner.

Multiple dog bites and the negligence statutes indicate that the dog owner needs to secure others from any harm caused by the dog. It could include workers, guests on their property, and other individuals in public places. The owners should abide by the local leash laws and the statutes that generate liability for those who have dangerous animals or particular dog breeds. Also, in a few places, people apart from the dog owner might get held accountable for the injuries. For instance, the animal caretakers, landlords, or parents of the dog-owning minor might get responsible in specific situations.

Hiring an attorney

If you have been attacked by a dog, hiring a lawyer might not be your ultimate priority. It might seem a time-consuming experience for you. However, it is essential to get in touch with a legal professional for a consultation so that they can decide if you can get compensated in any way.

The dog attacks get covered under the dog owner’s homeowner insurance policy. When you attempt to go opposite a big insurance company without legal assistance, you might face trouble. When you join hands with a dog-bite attorney, they can:

  • Send the investigators to get the required evidence
  • Prove that the concerned dog was “at large” during the attack
  • Find out if the dog has dangerous habits
  • Cover the upfront expenses
  • Get the experts required for proving your case
  • Answer all the legal questions
  • Keep you updated with the dog-bite case

You could be pursuing a dog-bite lawsuit or might be defending against one. The outcomes are significant for both. A successful legal case can help cover medical costs, loss of companionship, lost income, and even punitive damages based on jurisdiction. You might find it challenging to know the defenses and damages that apply in your situation. Hence, it is always better to get in touch with an expert dog-bite attorney to fight the case for you.

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