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What Can Promo Codes Get You?

When looking to purchase a product, always search it up on the internet first to see if you can get a better deal on it. While you may not be able to purchase it same day, more and more sites are offering free shipping and other perks when you buy products from them. Other than researching a product, the internet can also make it easier to find relevant coupon codes.

However, promo codes and coupons aren’t quite as straightforward as they used to be, where you could expect a percentage-based discount. While this practice is still very much in use, there are a few other perks that you can benefit from when you use specific coupon codes that are a little more specialized.

1 – Discount and Rebate Promo Codes

The most common promo codes that you’ll come across on the internet will give you a simple discount on a product as if it was on sale. Speaking of sales, keep in mind that you may be unable to use a coupon code if a product has gone on sale, as that can potentially damage the seller’s bottom line.

When you redeem a rebate coupon code, your deal can come in a few different forms. The most common type of coupon code will cut a percentage off of the cost of the item you’re purchasing, usually ranging between 5% and 25%, but you can sometimes get deals as high as 60% off if you’re lucky.

However, some promo codes may offer a flat discount on a product, saving you a set amount of dollars on the product. These coupons are typically used for high-value products where a percentage discount would actually save you a huge amount of money on the product, but this isn’t necessarily ideal for the stores and vendors.

Keep in mind that you can use these promo codes in online stores, but some codes have special exceptions that allow you to purchase popular goods in-person, as well. See what the coupon says before bringing it in-store, however, as you don’t want to end up wasting your time chasing savings that aren’t there.

2 – Free Shipping With Your Promo Code

Another way to save a decent amount of money with an exclusive promo code is to get free shipping with it. These types of codes are typically sent out by retailers who don’t usually offer free shipping, like stores that deal in heavier, bulkier products that would typically be expensive to ship.

That being said, there’s typically an upper limit on the amount of money that you can save on shipping when using these promo codes. You’ll typically have to take a look at the discount offer to see if there are any catches that you need to be aware of so you don’t end up disappointed at the last minute.

In many cases, stores will offer discounted or free shipping when you buy over a certain number of items or when you exceed a certain dollar value. Stores that offer promotions like these typically won’t send out coupons that can be used for free shipping, as they wouldn’t make much sense.

Redeeming one of these coupon codes is as simple as ordering a product and inputting the code on either the shipping page or the promo code field. In some cases, you may even be able to combine a free shipping promo code with one that will get you a discount on your product.

3 – Buy One Get One Offers With a Coupon Code

Promo code offers don’t always have to involve direct discounts when you redeem them. You’ll come across a few promo codes that get a little more creative with helping you save money. On certain deals, when you apply a code, you’ll instead get a buy one, get one offer.

These deals can be found in many different forms, as some will allow you to get free additional products with the purchase of your goods. Other deals may not give you the next product free, but they may get you a steep discount on any subsequent orders of the same product.

Promo codes like these are great for products that don’t expire but that you may need to periodically refill on. We’ve seen buy one, get one offers on things like dog food, batteries, and more. Of course, the nature of these offers typically depends on the details and policies of the retailer that you’re shopping at.

In many cases, you’ll find discount codes like these when you subscribe to a store’s email newsletter. This is a way for stores to reward their loyal customers who are keeping an eye on their inboxes.


There are many ways that a promo code can save you money aside from the obvious flat- and percentage-based discounts. We hope that this guide has helped you get a better understanding of how promo codes work.

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