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SYPWAI – benefits for the world and society

SYPWAI – finding your destiny

SYPWAI is a start-up that has only recently emerged, but has already carved out a very special niche for itself in the daily lives of ordinary people.

SYPWAI: an idea is the start of everything

How did a start-up which was unknown to anyone turn into a market leader, one of the most famous and fastest-growing companies in the world in a short period of time? The secret of success is an idea that is innovative, but also accessible to everyone. Including those who are far from science and know little about artificial intelligence.

Science becomes accessible

Global digitalization – the digitalization of all kinds of information – affects all spheres and almost everyone. This process is very rapid and is only gaining momentum. In order to stay relevant in the marketplace, companies have to be constantly on the lookout for new trends in the world of innovative technology.

Keeping abreast of developments is useful for anyone to understand how modern reality works and to find one’s place in it. SYPWAI is a unique start-up that has enabled both businesses and ordinary people to get involved in the development of innovative technologies. This allowed all participants the opportunity to learn about scientific trends and keep up to date with all the innovations in the field of artificial intelligence.

SYPWAI’s mission

From the very beginning, SYPWAI decided that their main goal would not be their own expansion, but the modernization of companies from different fields. SYPWAI’s Chief Operating Officer puts it this way: “Initially, we wanted to influence the development of the world. We believe that our good intentions will bring diverse results in the distant future. Is there any point in doing our own development at a time when the whole world is preoccupied with solving a problem? Why waste time looking for solutions when we have ready-to-use technology that can modernize production by making the whole process faster and easier, and automate it in order to increase profits?

The challenge that SYPWAI is addressing is clearly expressed in their slogan: “solve your problem with AI”. AI is short for ‘artificial intelligence’. Companies get to solve their problems by applying a neural network and people get to earn money by training the neural network.

Why SYPWAI needs people from all over the world

These days we are witnessing automated systems gradually replacing human resources. In the 21st century, many tasks are solved faster and with less risk by machine intelligence rather than human intelligence. New professions are emerging in this regard. After all, artificial intelligence needs training just as much as human intelligence does.

SYPWAI has created a new profession – data marker. A person who has mastered this profession trains a neural network. The training is reminiscent of a child’s educational game, only in the role of the child is an artificial mind. Not surprisingly, the news of the emergence of such a profession pleased many people.

SYPWAI’s human resources director shared how inspired the start-up’s founders are by the active involvement of people around the world in the company’s mission: “Firstly, we are delighted that we have such an offering for both business and people. Secondly, our operations have taken on such a scale that we have jobs for everyone who wants them, and there are still spaces available. Thousands of people from different parts of the world are successfully working with SYPWAI. We are truly satisfied with the fact that our activities are as efficient as possible in all areas.

A way to find your purpose in life

SYPWAI is creating a future in collaboration with people, offering them the opportunity to participate in creating innovative technologies. Their doors are open to everyone. One of the project participants, Laura Smith, a graduate from Conestoga College, says of her experience with SYPWAI: “Have you ever come across people who want to work in science but they are not taken on as trainees for fear that they will be useless? I am one of those people. Not counting on much, but believing in my potential, I came to the project. The selection tests were difficult and each stage was exhausting – everything was done to single out the best of the best. I was one of those who passed all the tests. You can’t imagine how I felt when I joined the company and got involved in serious research. I was constantly being helped and wondering whether everything was clear to me. What more could one dream of?”

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