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Here’s Why Shiba Inus Are Great Pets

Finding the right pet for your home can be a fun experience. There are so many breeds of dogs to chose from. Each dog breed has different characteristics, looks, temperaments, care requirements, and exercise needs. Before bringing a new dog into a home, you must evaluate the home’s environment, the attention and time commitment you are willing to give your new furry friend, and where you are in your life.

Knowing that a dog could live an average of 12-15 years, you want to adopt a dog that would fit into your lifestyle no matter where you are within those years. We often hear stories of bachelors that adopt a dog in their 20s, getting married, and starting a family in their early 30s— having to find their furry friend a new home since it doesn’t work with the family and new baby dynamic. Don’t let yourself get in this heartbreaking situation by finding the right breed from the get-go.

Find A Great Dog Breed, Versatile For Any Environment

If you are ready to adopt a dog but are not sure where your life may turn, try to stick to versatile breeds that work in almost any setting or home environment. A dog that has friendly attributes, average in size, and only needs moderate exercise will be a great fit anywhere.

If you know you will one day start a family, adopting a breed that is great with small children now will save you the stress years down the line when you eventually do have babies.

Beware of the breeds that may be on the landlord’s “not allowed” list. As an example, your current landlord may have given you the approval to have a Pitbull at your current apartment, but when it is time to find a new home, you will see a majority of rentals prohibit Pitbulls in their pet policy.

Let’s Introduce You To The Shiba Inus

If you haven’t heard of the shiba inu breed, it may be because they are fairly new to The United States. The Shibu Inu was only brought to the United States in the mid-1950s. As American soldiers were returning home from the war in Japan, they brought their beloved dogs back with them. Historically, the Shibu Inu was a hunting dog in the mountainous region. Now, this breed is a great option for homes.

While the Shibu Inu has the temperament of being keen, alert, stubborn, and assertive— this breed can also show affection— but only when they want to. Despite being a sometimes stubborn dog, the Shibu Inu is still loyal to its family. This breed will be great with children as long as the children treat them with love and respect.

With this dog being a former hunter, it does like some moderate exercise time each day. A small fenced-in yard will do fine. The Shibu Inu will be able to run around, explore, and look for prey.

The Shibu Inu bread is viewed as a luxurious breed because of its soft and fluffy coat. This breed will need weekly brushing of the coat to keep it looking its best. This breed does shed moderately throughout the year but has two shedding seasons. By brushing the coat weekly, the owner will be able to get a better handle on the amount of hair shed by brushing it out.

This Versatile Pup Will Love Its New Home

There are benefits to adopting a breed of dog that will fit into any aspect of your life. A Shibu Inu would be a great option no matter where life brings you.

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