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Gifts You Can Give While in a Pandemic

Although we are trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the global pandemic is still looming over us and restricting the things we can and cannot do. This includes the way we celebrate our special occasions, as we are no longer able to gather together for birthdays or other events. However, this does not have to stop us giving gifts and bringing happiness to our loved ones, even if it is temporarily from a distance. There are ways we can still feel close during this time, and with the help of technology, this is being made easier than ever. We have all adapted to these new ways to communicate, such as group calls over zoom and skype. Although this isn’t ideal, there are still things you can send your loved ones quickly and easily, without breaking social distance rules and putting anyone at risk. If you’re struggling to find something online, you don’t know where to start or you just always preferred shopping in store, these ideas are going to send you in the right direction and give you some ideas to take the stress out of gift giving.

Firstly, the most thoughtful and well-received gifts you can look for during these periods of lockdown are self-care gifts. Anything that can brighten someone’s day or pick up their mood during this time is a gift worth giving. This can be in the form of many different products, and many of them you could be able to enjoy together. If you want this gift to lift their spirits, think about what you would want as a gift that might make a difference to your mood. I know when I’m feeling low or overwhelmed with stress or worry, the best thing I can do is have a long bath and a good night’s sleep. These little things are the key to bettering your general mental wellbeing as they can give you control over your routine and make you feel fresher. This is where you could look into brands such as The Body Shop or Lush. The Body Shop has so many amazing products for literally every need you could have. I love their skincare products and they often come in gift sets that look beautiful and smell even better. They also have a variety of skin toners, moisturisers and body products that will make bath time so much more relaxing and enjoyable! Even throw in a face mask if you’re feeling really thoughtful. Lush is also a good store to look at as their bath bombs and bubble bars are absolutely unbelievable. They will make your bath into a colourful pool and leave you smelling delicious. Lush also do a range of products and I especially love their scrubs and masks for a bit of self-repair. Lush is also famous for their Snow Fairy range, so if you can get your hands on that I would grab what you can! There is a huge amount of choice with these kinds of items so if you feel stuck, send your loved one a gift card for one of the stores How about you send them the gift voucher and ask them to buy two of whatever they like, so you can try the products too! You could do facemasks over zoom or share your skincare routines over facetime. It’s a good way to try and stay connected during a time when face-to-face contact is very limited.

Continuing with this relaxed theme, my favourite thing to receive for any occasion is cosy items. This could be anything from new slippers to blankets. While we are spending so much time in our homes, it is so important to make our indoor spaces as comfortable and welcoming as possible. The environment you live in can have such an impact on your mental state! If your home is lovely to be in, you will automatically feel less groggy when having to remain in it. This is why buying cosy home items is the perfect way to cheer up your friend or family member. There are a million different shops to look at that sell blankets and throws that will completely change a living space, and they don’t always have to cost a fortune. Look on places like Amazon or Asda George for deals on products like this. While you’re browsing, also have a look at what slippers, eye masks and fluffy socks you can get your hands on! These are not expensive items and can make all the difference for a lazy day. The best thing I think would be a new pair of comfy PJs. A new set of PJs after a nice bath or shower is the cherry on top of a pamper night. Any popular retailer will sell nice PJs, or you can look online for specific ones. I’m a big fan on satin PJs because they are just so nice on your skin. Satin bedsheets and pillows have also become a massive trend as they are said to help with healthy skin and hair, being less harsh than other materials. After all, a good night’s sleep can really turn someone’s mood around.

Thinking about the normalities we do have left, many of us are still working our jibs and careers from home. This can be extremely stressful as our home lives and work lives turn into the same space. Especially if your loved one has children, a partner or even pets, it can be very distracting and difficult to get work done when you are surrounded by your home life. All of us associate our homes with relaxing and relieving stress but working from home upsets that separation. This is why gifts that can aid someone in their working from home life are great ideas. I would start looking at gifts that would be practical and useful; look for things they will use often or could make their lives easier. I would recommend buying them an instant coffee machine (if they like coffee), as this will help them get ready for their day and take away the time and effort of making their own coffee. It’s like adding a small luxury to their routine. More gifts that would be useful to someone with a home office are things they can put on and around their workspace. This could be some foliage, like a small plant or cactus that will make their office feel more welcoming and brighter. You could buy them a new calendar or some framed photographs that might just liven their space up and make them feel calm. You could go as far as a personalised calendar or even a personalised mouse mat with their name on it. This gives the gift a personal touch as well as keeping it handy day-to-day. Overall, anything that shows you have thought of them will be received well!

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