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Will 2021 be the year that McLaren will succeed again?

McLaren ended the year 2020 in third place in the Constructors’ World Championship, the highest position since 2012. But for a team that has already made history in Formula 1, that is certainly not enough. And thinking about it the team has reformulated itself and is willing to try new things to get back to the top.But, if you are also interested in football predictions for tomorrow, then feel free to visit the website Mightytips.

And the question that doesn’t stop is: Could McLaren be a candidate for the title this season?

Current McLaren scenario

Despite being a historical reference in F1, McLaren faces the most negative phase of their history. The British team has been without a victory since 2012 and a title since 2008, when Lewis Hamilton won his first World Champion title.

Since 2012 the team has gone through many difficult phases, from the disaster of the Honda era, to the internal war, which removed the historic Ron Dennis, after 37 years at the head of the team.

To put the team back in an upward spiral, the team restructured, hiring team manager Andreas Seidl of Porsche and James Key for Technical Director, coming from Toro Rosso. Seidl took the trouble to see what was malfunctioning in the team structure and set priorities.

What are McLaren’s Priorities?

One of the priorities will be reflected already in 2021, with the new driving unit, from Mercedes. Seidl said that to get to the top you need the best components in a car, and the best engine is the Mercedes. Hence McLaren is back to using the German engine, which has dominated F1 in this hybrid era.

Another priority was to bet on the new rule change that will emerge in Formula 1 in 2022. For that, McLaren decided to use a large part of the resources on the track not only to improve the performance on the track in 2020, but on models that would be useful in 2021, and of course in the following seasons.

But the big bet will be on improving the team’s infrastructure, as in a new wind tunnel and simulator. The team’s future was in doubt. Due to the pandemic, the McLaren group’s business model has been weakened, but with the help of new investors, the team’s confidence is high.

What was the result achieved with it?

The result was a team focused and in harmony, knowing the weaknesses and strengths of the car. This led the team to achieve strong results, on podiums, which could even have resulted in victories, as in Monza, had the balance of luck a little more balanced for the sides of Woking.

A very cooperative pair of drivers contributed to help this recovery, which helped the team to develop the car better. Despite the great results, the pair of Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz will not continue, as the Spaniard goes to Ferrari, and McLaren signed Daniel Ricciardo to his place.

What to expect from McLaren in 2021?

The year 2021 will be interesting, with the new engine and a new driver pair, but McLaren’s real goal is 2022.

Even though we believe they are going to have a better performance this season, it is not their focus to win right away. They still have some things to adjust and others to keep improving in order to finally start fighting for the title once again.

With the arrival of Daniel Ricciardo, we expect McLaren to at least get a little more podiums in races this year. However, the performance that the team will have is still not exact for this season. With all the changes taking place inside, you will have to wait a little longer to finally be able to reap the rewards.

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