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Tips on Preparing PMP exam

It has been a short time since I passed the PMP exam, and I will summarize my experience to share with you. If it is helpful to you, I will be very happy.

There are several preconditions for PMP exam preparation

First, make sure you have 200 hours of study time within 3 months. With the same efficiency, only sufficient input can guarantee the corresponding output. Ensure you make full use of learning time and try your best.

Second, choose a good institution. During the learning process, SPOTO will formulate practical learning plans for students, giving them a clearly arranged schedule. To be successful, you need to set a specific goal, and find a feasible path to reach the goal from where you are. Along the road, you will finally succeed. The goal is to pass PMP exam. The path SPOTO has arranged every step for you.

Third, a good learning method. I would like to thank SPOTO for letting us study in groups so that we can supervise and encourage each other and discuss together. Group discussion is one of the most efficient learning methods, thus highly recommended.

On preparing process:

1. Before the first class, read the PMBOK and the content of the first class intensively.

It does not seem important, thus easily underestimated. When you are in the preliminary preparation, you will feel that there is still a lot of time before taking the exam during, so it is easy to treat it lightly. But as courses start, the teacher will ask you to complete the intensive reading before each class to ensure the learning effect in class. If you doesn’t spend enough time on first reading, you are likely to be behind the subsequent intensive reading progress which will result in negative and irritable emotions you have to deal with while preparing for the exam.

2. Attendance stage

The most important thing at this stage is to listen to what the teacher says and what the assistant teaches, and do everything you should do on time.

Complete intensive reading before class, and ascertain the meaning of the words you don’t understand online. Try to understand as much of the knowledge in PMBOK as possible. SPOTO’s PMP certification courses work well in clarifying the important knowledge points in each chapter.

In class, there is not much to say. Just listen to the class carefully, think positively and answer the questions raised by the teacher. In SPOTO’s courses, knowledge points will be explained with specific cases, making knowledge easier to understand.

After class, complete the in-class exercises on time and start the PMBOK intensive reading of next course as soon as possible. Besides, logically link 49 processes.

Tip: While having classes on weekends, be sure to get enough sleep on Friday and Saturday nights. Don’t overestimate your energy. Two consecutive days of courses from morning to evening pose high density of information to you.

Third, the sprint stage

Make maximum efforts in the last month. Evidently, it takes the most time and energy to learn during the stage. There are two mock exams, several sets of exam questions for reviewing. To do so many practices only has one common purpose: to consolidate key knowledge and to address gaps.

This is also the stage when the study groups be fully made use of. Everyone comes from all walks of life with different experience of working, and has different understanding of knowledge. Therefore, it is easy to make progress through discussion.

Tip: At this stage, due to the intense preparation for the PMP exam, there will be various learning materials shared in groups. You cannot read all of them. How well you have understood is prioritized instead of how much content you have remembered. Choose the exam preparation materials reasonably according to your affordability, and all serve for remembering key knowledge.

Finally, thank my wife and family for their support during my PMP exam preparation period, and to my lovely daughter who is a strong driving force for me to keep moving forward. Thank SPOTO’s excellent teaching system. Thank the members of study group. Thank you for choosing me as the group leader to learn and make progress together.

Of course, thank you for clicking on this article. I wish everyone who is preparing for getting PMP certification can achieve excellent results.

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