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The top 5 challenges of the electromagnetic micro coil winding technique

Micro coils are an amalgamation of highly miniaturized insulated wires swirled around a central core. The primary function of the coil is to work as a sensor or a transducer in mechanical devices including MRI scanners or even a hearing aid. These coils have found various applications in several industries. As a matter of fact, their application is integral to the robust workflow of any device. But why do they have to miniaturize? 

Using the advanced electromagnetic micro coil winding technique, manufacturers were able to decrease the size of the coil to smaller than a grain of rice. This was particularly necessary because of the depilating space for could in devices and the devices themselves getting smaller. 

Electromagnetic micro coils have opened several doors for many industries, including medical. It is with their advent that medical professionals can examine even the slightest alteration in blood flow, blood pressure, muscle movement,t and more. In a nutshell, there is no denying the kind of implication such coils can have over the growth of industries like medicine. However, the electromagnetic micro coil winding technique sure has its challenges. Through this article, let’s throw some light upon these challenges. 

  1. The basic challenge of such a process is the need to miniaturize. While doing so, making sure the efficiency and durability of the coils stay intact. The manufacturers have been able to innovate techniques, including micro soldering to make micro coils preserve more energy and provide an accurate result. Subsequently, working at such a microscopic scale is humanly impossible, the entire manufacturing process has to automate. 
  2. There is an immediate need for mass production. If the micro coils are not produced in large quantities, the manufacturing cost will stay as high as they are now. But why is it that the micro-coils cannot mass produce? The answer is simple. Every device requires a different size of micro-coil. Not every device manufacturer has still wrapped their head around the advent of micro coils. Hence, while some device manufacturers choose to stay with the regular size coils others need micro coils. This constant tension forces micro coil manufacturers to produce in smaller quantities. 
  3. When working for an industry like medicine, there are extra precautions needed. The chance for any automated or human error stays at next to nil. Matching such standards while working with such a microscopic element is an exhausting process for micro coil manufacturers. 
  4. The principal requirement for every device is different. From the type of wire used to the number of swirls and the material used for the core, every aspect of micro-coil has to be predetermined. Advanced simulations run to have a concrete device of the end process. 
  5. The coils have to have an extremely high tolerance. They require to function most efficiently even in the toughest of conditions. Matching such scenarios require constant innovation and micro coil manufactures have been successful in it. The micro coils produced today are totally robust and completely durable.

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