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Mainstream Media Does It Again!

This past week, one of the mainstream media headlines was about the San Diego Zoo. In the story, the San Diego Zoo was proud of their recent accomplishment, they were starting to vaccinate gorillas against COVID-19.

The story shared how many gorillas had become sick and so the decision was made to vaccinate other gorillas and help protect them. They shared how they were doing everything that they could to protect these apes and to help them stay healthy. The mainstream media and the Left celebrated the move and how they were working hard for these apes.

While the Left celebrates, they continue to ignore what is happening all across America. Americans are still being forced to live in states where Democrats refuse to listen to the science that they claim to “follow.” The science tells us that the lockdowns and forced measures are really doing nothing to help the pandemic.

It’s obvious that many states have learned their lesson. This past week, five states declared that they were rolling back their mask mandates. They realized that states that remained open were just as well off as the states that were forced into lockdowns and mandates.

The move led President Joe Biden to say these states were operating with “neanderthal” thinking. The White House ‘circle back’ press secretary attempted to defend the comments. She shared that this was just a reflection of Joe Biden’s frustration. If she thinks that Joe Biden is frustrated, she should perhaps look across the country at the millions of Americans who are frustrated.

They are frustrated that the mainstream media and the Left continue to ignore what is really taking place. They are so focused on their feel-good stories about gorillas in San Diego, that they are refusing to address what is really happening.

Democrats continue to ignore their role in the US government. They are elected to represent and serve Americans. Instead, they are busy working on spending trillions of dollars on a “stimulus plan” that is nothing more than a pork-filled Democrat wish list. If they really wanted to help Americans, they would be focused on getting the economy open and recognizing that their guidance based on “science” is a failure.

The media refuses to cover how the Democrats have turned our Capitol from looking like a free country into looking like downtown Baghdad. It may even be less restrictive in Baghdad than in Washington, DC right now. They continue to refuse to cover how Joe Biden is restricting access to information. They continue to ignore how Joe Biden promised transparency but is the most restrictive president in modern history.

They dare not ask why the White House immediately cut a live stream of Joe Biden this week as he offered to take questions. They half-heartedly push the issue that Joe Biden has yet to make himself available as President Donald Trump and others have done. Instead, they feed us feel-good stories about gorillas receiving a COVID vaccine.

While they are focused on some gorillas that are in cages, they happily ignore those cages that they claimed that Trump used at the border. Now that Biden uses them, they are back to detention devices once again. They continue to ignore the situation that is happening across the country.

Americans are suffering, it’s true. They are not suffering because of the pandemic necessarily. They are suffering at the hands of incompetent Democrats and mainstream media who refuses to do their job and hold them accountable.

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Jared Dyson

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