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Is YouTube Vanced Really Worth the Hype?

One of the most popular applications on the internet is YouTube. The video-sharing platform is the most widely visited website in the world. Every day, thousands of people watch at least one video on YouTube. The fact is that on YouTube, there are videos on such a wide range of topics, themes, and subjects that one can never get tired from watching the videos. In fact, all major viral videos are first uploaded on YouTube, and it is through YouTube that people share them on social media apps where they become viral. 

If you love watching video content or movies, then you too would be a fan of YouTube. You must have spent hours surfing through interesting videos on the website. The best part of YouTube is that it is completely free. However, since YouTube is free, so there are loads of commercial advertisements on the website also. These advertisements pop up in the middle of videos when you watch them, and they can often be a distraction. You likely hate these advertisements when you are watching your videos on the platform. 

Most people like to watch videos than any other form of content as videos can convey information directly and also provide explanations. However, the advertisements that play during these videos can be irritating as they do not let viewers concentrate properly on the video. However, YouTube Vanced can change this. You can easily download the app from their official website and save your time when you watch YouTube videos. 

Why are there so many advertisements?

Commercial advertisements on YouTube serve to introduce brands and their products to consumers. It is an elaborate marketing technique where products are marketed, and your data gets wasted in the process. A lot of people do not like to waste their data like this because most of the time, you will see advertisements that are completely irrelevant to your needs and requirements.

Several research studies have shown that most people access YouTube from their mobiles, and very few people use their laptops or desktop to watch YouTube videos. Studies show that the general viewing session is also quite high on mobiles and lasts well over 40 minutes. Considering the fact that there is a large variety of content, it would be really difficult to stop watching one video after another. But, viewers get irritated quickly when several advertisements interrupt their videos. A premium YouTube app is available, known as YouTube Red, that provides ad-free content, but it is quite expensive. So, many regular users are unhappy with YouTube and their process of airing multiple advertisements within each video.

If you are unhappy with this process, you may want to stop using the official YouTube app and watch your videos from another platform where you do not have to face constant pauses and interruptions. YouTube Vanced is the perfect app for this purpose. It lets you watch YouTube videos freely without any form of advertisements. In fact, YouTube Vanced is the best alternative to the official YouTube app. This article will elaborate more on this app and tell you all you need to about using it. 

What is YouTube Vanced?

If you love to watch YouTube videos, then YouTube Vanced is the perfect app for you because it lets you stream videos continuously without any advertisements. On the official website of YouTube Vanced, you will see that the developers of the app describe it as a uniquely modified version of YouTube that has several in-built features like ad-blocking and continuous background playback. These features have increased the functionality of YouTube multiple times. Thus, you end up using an application that works exactly like YouTube and lets you download videos easily, does not air any advertisements, provides background playback, and has great themes.

You can download and install the app on your Android phone easily, with or without rooting. You can download YouTube Vanced directly from their official website and install it on your phone. You can download the app to your computer and then transfer it onto your phone through a flash drive. You can also visit third-party websites and download the “.apk” file of the app and install it directly on your phone. You can also consider rooting your phone and installing the app.

Installing YouTube Vanced on Your Android Phone

You will find several different apps on Google Play Store, which are similar to YouTube Vanced. However, these apps are all duplicate applications and are not the original ones. Actually, on Google Play Store, you cannot get the original Vanced app. You have to download the app directly from their website and follow the instructions there to install it on your android phone. Now, remember that you have to tweak your settings and allow the option for installing apps from unknown sources. You will find this option in the Settings section of your phone.

Do you have any other alternative?

Most of the users of YouTube Vanced have reported that they are quite happy with the app. Some people have reported that they have had trouble installing the app and that it occasionally freezes on certain user’s phones. Of course, there can be certain technical glitches from time to time, but the app runs smoothly in most cases. There are several alternative apps to YouTube Vanced, but none of them has as much positive feedback. Glitches would appear in those applications also. So, YouTube Vanced is really the safest option for users who do not wish to view YouTube advertisements. One more benefit of YouTube Vanced is that you do not need to create a new account, but you can log in with your old YouTube password and email id.


YouTube Vanced is a technological wonder for everyone. It has dramatically improved the functionality of the original YouTube app by offering premium features free of cost. You do not have to view unnecessary advertisements anymore when you watch your favorite videos. So, go ahead and enjoy! 

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