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How to Topple a Government

Ever wonder just what it takes to overthrow a government? Well if we look into history we can clearly see just how that is accomplished, keeping in mind it takes time to achieve this.

You of course need a base of support so you concentrate on the educational system, you need generations of youth to think as you do, the left has already accomplished this. You need a media to suppress the truth of what is going on and to condition the population to believe in what they tell them, and to deprive others of free speech, the left has already accomplished this. You need an enemy, people you can point the finger at and say they are a danger to you, a racist, homophobe, etc  the left has been in the process of accomplishing this. Now just where is this danger coming from? Well of course it comes from the right, the conservatives, the insurrectionists, Republicans, we now see that happening every day.

Once you achieve this you need to accomplish the final step, you need control over the population and this is the tricky one, this is the one they had problems with for decades. COVID has helped them greatly in this effort, you are under lock down, where you can go, what you can do is being dictated to by those in power. Back in the 60's I read a book titled "A Nation of Sheep" by William J. Lederer in 1961, everyone needs to read this, remember history is our teacher. It is critical that they establish just how much control they have over you, they need to know that. I can hear them giggling in the back rooms as they told people to shut down their businesses, and they did.

However, in America there is one critical element they have yet to conquer, one eluding accomplishment they have yet to achieve and this one troubles them the most. It's known as the 2nd Amendment and as long as that exists their ultimate goal of a "one world government" is doomed to fail. I became aware of that one back in the 70's when Republican Vice President Rockefeller expressed how great a OWG would be, and they have never given up on accomplishing that in America, guess what, they are very close now.

So just what does the 2nd Amendment entail? Well, a lot of bad things for the left as they move forward with their latest gun control legislation, or don't be surprised to see executive orders restricting the 2nd Amendment. However, the bad things are people, ex and present military to be exact, law enforcement, hunters, just everyday Americans who understand the purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to protect citizens against a tyrannical federal government. Just a note, today conservatives in the military are being singled out, watched, reassigned duties.

So let's wonder for a moment if all these people reached the point of thinking something was wrong with our government. What if they took to the streets in protest and demanded our children go back to school, but not just back to school but go back to learn the true history of America, to learn just who the slave owners were, demand all our businesses open up, demand our 1st Amendment rights back, demand accountability in the media, Congress and fair elections, and security on our borders. What would the federal government do if "We the people" demanded our government act in our behalf?

Too bad someone doesn't have the courage to stand up and ask the President, what he would do if such an event ever took place. In the meantime maybe we should stand up and demand our states do all those things for a start.

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Frank D. Lovell

A 74-year-old conservative writer from Florida.

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