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How to Choose a Clothing Subscription that’s Right for You

Growing your style is an investment and often costly!

How frustrating is it to spend all that time in a mall trying to piece together outfits only to get home and decide you no longer like it!

That is whereclothing subscription boxes have come into play, offering people like you easy and hassle-free solutions towards building the wardrobe of their dreams affordably.

Especially in the last year, with many physical shops being closed down due to the pandemic, clothing subscriptions make it easy to upgrade that wardrobe without ever leaving the house! All you have to do is sign up to pay a monthly subscription fee, and a personal stylist will do all the hard work in finding the perfect outfits for your budget and body type.

It will feel like Christmas day each month when a new box of personally hand-picked items arrives at your doorstep!

But with so many different subscriptions to choose from, how do you know which is the right one for you? We’ve put together our top tips on how you can select the perfect clothing subscription box that works for your style and budget.

1. Decide the type of subscription you want first

Different companies have different policies when it comes to the clothes they send you. Some brands will send you boxes each month in which the clothes they send are yours to keep no matter what. And others send you a box in which you keep what you love and send back what you don’t. This is crucial to determine which one you want upfront as it will direct you to the correct subscription box to choose from.

2. Take the style quizzes seriously

Many of these clothing subscription boxes rely on the style quizzes you fill out to determine the options they will send you. So it is essential to give them your correct body type and size and what you do and do not like. That way they can ensure that you won’t be disappointed with what they send and the clothes they do fit!

3. Figure out what type of clothes you want

It is equally essential upfront to determine the type of clothing you want to be sent to you upfront. If you live life at home right now, you may want to go for more of the lifestyle leisure boxes that send you the trendiest (and comfiest) yoga and activewear. If you want more of a designer wardrobe, you’ll want to go for the boxes that send you brand names and complete wardrobes that include accessories and all!

4. Try multiple subscriptions

Just like finding the perfect fit in clothes, it takes trying a few boxes to find the perfect one for you. Many boxes have hassle-free subscription cancellations, so you can try a few upfronts until you find the one that is right for you. Your style is unique, so the subscription clothing box that is the perfect fit will be unique to you too!

Clothing subscription boxes are all the rage right now and are certainly something you should consider jumping on board with! From giving you access to all the latest trends and styles that suit your body type, creating your dream wardrobe on a budget has never been so easy. Just ensure you research the subscription offerings upfront, take the time to fill out the styling quizzes, and give a few different boxes a try upfront. You are sure to find the subscription box that is right for you in no time.

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