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How History, Homer, and Physics, Forever Changed Voting and Politics

Sally McShine – Washington, D.C.

The shot heard around the world” is a saying which traditionally refers to the opening weapons salvo which signified the start of the battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. This was the beginning of the American Revolutionary War and is what lead to the creation of the United States of America. One top researcher and inventor, who just also happens to be a forensic historian and prolific author of history books, was watching the United States 2020 general election when alarms went off in his head triggering his brain to dig out various bits of obscure information he had stored away years earlier. Little did Jovan Hutton Pulitzer know at the time that the buzzing alarm which went off in his head was to be a weird connection between The Late-Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, Bernie Sanders, combined with a previous medical breakthrough of Pulitzer’s, merged with a totally different rather obscure subfield of physics developed in classical mechanics, which would lead to Pulitzer’s innovation for changing forever the way we vote and how votes are both secured and counted. Think “Late Night TV and Homer meet Hippocrates,” and with a little help from Sir Isaac Newton the three of them make elections forever non-hackable and completely secure. This is the idea which is rapidly becoming the new “shot heard around the world”.

I was dumbstruck when, for the first time in history, the broadcaster announced on TV that the counting of the American voters’ votes cast that day was to be stopped prematurely and resume in the morning. In my gut I knew America was about to be thrown into a crisis like it has never experienced since its founding” says Jovan Hutton Pulitzer. Pulitzer in some circles is seen as a patent, intellectual property law, and technology genius having started with him being recognized as a wunderkind long ago. At the age of 23 Jovan already had an impressive track record, but it was when he re-engineered a bankrupt company being bought by investment bankers to liquidate, Jovan transformed the bankrupt company into a marketing and financial juggernaut. This feat at such a young age etched Jovan’s name forever in history records as creating the fastest selling product of all time. He transformed crisis into opportunity, and I would suggest you read the marketing case study in many universities around the globe about his resurrection and launch of Tripledge Windshield Wipers.

Jovan tells me he honed his intellectual property and innovation skills, when unscrupulous New York companies, and some say mafia bosses, tried to hone in on and steal Jovan’s company and marketing success.

I took the company from less than $100,000 a year in sales to $1,050,000 a day in sales” Jovan recounts, “and when you take something and hit the marketing and financial radar that fast, there are many unsavory characters who not only want to get in on the action, but also want to take it away from you if they can”. Jovan continued to tell the story of how the corruption and stealing of his intellectual property became so bad that opportunistic gangsters would go as far as to fake sales offers, counterfeit ads, and then place them across America. American consumers, though they were buying Jovan’s hot product, did not know the phone numbers and mail-in addresses they were using to order were fraudulent, and the crooks would either take the money and run or try to fool consumers by sending them an inferior product. “This quickly became a $100m problem,” Jovan recalls. It is awe inspiring to think that a 23-year-old kid had created a company, which in 2021 dollars would equate to selling $2,320,500 in product every day of the week.

The fraud, counterfeiting, and racketeering going on was literally destroying our company and our product, you would think it would be quite easy to stop and prosecute such nefarious activities, but the legal system and jurisprudence is not an easy path to navigate. It was ultimately my intellectual property knowledge and skills which allowed us to use the extraterritorial impact of the Lanham Act and its civil enforcement teeth to nail these gangsters and reclaim our company, our product, and our public image.”

Jovan attributes that business lesson as one of the reasons he understood what potentially happened in the United States 2020 General Election. “In any crime, such as potential stealing or rigging an election, the motive is always there, but to execute the crime the bad actors need to create opportunity, manufacture illusions, and provide the public with a plausible deception in order to pull it off successfully.” Jovan then further connected the dots which led to his technology breakthrough for elections – a system that includes casting and tallying votes, and the immediate auditing of election results. “When counting stopped on November 3rd, 2020 there was an obscure piece of information in my head which immediately came to mind. In fact, it was stuck in my head thanks to Jimmy Fallon and Bernie Sanders” *Jovan shares a video clip with me over Zoom to allow me to see what he saw back on October 23, 2020. In the video, Bernie Sanders gives Jimmy Fallon the following answer when asked “When do you think we will know the results of the election?”:

“You’re going to have a situation…in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and other states where they are going to be receiving huge amounts of mail-in ballots…for bad reason they are not going to be able to being processing those ballots till election day or maybe when the polls close. That means you’re going to have states dealing with perhaps millions of mail-in-ballots. It could well be that at 10 o’clock on election night Trump is winning in Michigan, he’s winning in Pennsylvania, he is winning in Wisconsin and he gets on the television and says ‘Thank you Americans for re-electing me” …but then the next day and the day following all of those mail-in ballot start getting counted and it turns out that Biden has won those states. At which point Trump says, “See I told you the whole thing was fraudulent.’”

Within the video clip Jovan shared, I was watching an undeniable interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon broadcast by NBC just before the November 3rd, 2020 election. What I viewed was startling and alarmingly accurate, right down to numerous details as to how the 2020 election went and the issues which later came to the forefront. My mind began tormenting me with questions such as, “How did Bernie know? How could he have so many facts, time and even states correct in his so-called prediction?”

Jovan, a German Ashkenazi Jew, shared with me a story of one of his famous German countrymen, Heinrich Schliemann. “Most people have never learned about Schliemann, much less know his name and his contribution to both history and mankind. In short, he is the man who innovated the discipline of modern archaeology. As a kid he became fascinated with the epics of Homer, specifically the Iliad and the tales of Odysseus’s Odyssey. These are the stories from which mankind gets the story of the Trojan War and the Trojan Horse.”

As a kid, young Heinrich felt there were so many details in those stories that they must be true. Most considered the stories myths since they were written by Homer in the 8th century BC. But Heinrich could not resolve in his mind why there would be so many exact details in just a myth. He concluded the story must be based on actual events and facts. When Schliemann grew up and became wealthy, he used his own funds to go out and prove Homer’s epics were not mere myths but based on historical fact. As a result, he became the modern discoverer of prehistoric Greece, proving Troy was real, and not just a figment of Homer’s imagination.” Jovan closed his story offering this, “On that night in October 2020, when Bernie Sanders is offering Jimmy Fallon up a prediction, it struck me as having way too many exact details to just be considered a mere political pontification. His comments were too exact and methodical as if laying out a plan. I told my family at that moment, ‘He just disclosed how this election is going to possibly be rigged.’ So the very next day I set about a deep research project on all the known and lesser-known ways elections and voting machines could be compromised”.

Jovan had a deep-seated hunch that Sanders’s story telling was more than just pure coincidence and was most likely so detailed because he may have had inside information about the general election and what was about to occur. Jovan took the details as detective clues and went to work immediately.

Even as mainstream news outlets claimed there was no election or voter fraud in the 2020 general election, Jovan poured over 1,000 affidavits and vast dockets of legal evidence waiting for their day in the American court system. It was in those affidavits and sworn witness testimony that Jovan saw the patterns emerge and his mind started to create the systems needed to detect, confirm, and expose voter and election fraud.

Quickly word got out within technology circles that Pulitzer was innovating new ways to assure election integrity and that he had come up with a revolutionary new way to audit all elections. The news traveled like wildfire since Pulitzer is considered to be at the very pinnacle of developing technologies most likely to be adopted and change mankind. Recent news stories have referred to Jovan as “The Man Who Will Save America” and his testimony at Georgia’s Senate Subcommittee hearing on Election Integrity held December 30, 2020 went viral due to his direct and easy to understand style of communicating which called out lawmakers for not effectively assuring election integrity in Georgia.

Before the 2016 general election, Jovan was already working on a revolutionary medical technology breakthrough based on utilizing cameras and scan to detect various disease states while still in their nano-forms. Think of it as being able to identify disease states in the human body long before an individual displays symptoms or adverse reactions because the disease state is so new and still in its infancy forming. After 60 patents, years of hard work, and processing what is estimated to be more than 10,000,000 digital images, Pulitzer knew right way his groundbreaking work could be applied to voting systems, and specifically the audits of election outcomes.

A full 25 years before his afore mentioned medical scanning technology and the 2020 Presidential election integrity crisis, Pulitzer had innovated the way all types of bar codes (any machine-readable code) would work with the internet as directives or way points. This is the reason today you can use your mobile device and scan any bar code, UPC, ISBN, Q Code or QRcodes and they will instantly load information onto your phone. Part of that breakthrough Scan Connect, Scan Commerce and Scan Detect technology platform was to understand how paper in the physical world would interact with machines to do functions within the digital world. Jovan connected, “Ballots are paper utilizing codes to talk to machines and the internet. In fact, these machines work off my technology linking patents. This is exactly how voting ballots interact with all voting systems, machines, and tally systems.”

With Jovan’s groundbreaking patents licensed to almost every major device manufacturer in the world helping operate feature sets on approximately 15 billion mobile devices globally, it is as if Jovan’s innovation 25 years prior was custom made for understanding the problems with the 2020 general election.

With Bernie Sanders’s tip-off to the crisis ahead, my deep research into voting machine hacks, voting scams, voting fraud, individual voter fraud, and ways to rig elections began. My understanding of counterfeiting and mafia takeovers, which happened early in my career, combined with my medical field and code scanning innovations, enabled me to see how all the parts fit together. If you understand the paper, the codes, technology, and machines, one can see that elections could be easily hacked, rigged, or compromised, and it does not take some dark “Dr. Evil cabal” to pull it off. In fact, I was able to discover over 50 ways to hack elections, and that does not even take into consideration all the things you may read about how possibly 65 countries hacked into 7 U.S. States’ election systems via over 3,000 polling locations to supposedly change millions of American voters’ votes.”

Jovan is rather adamant and direct when he talks about the 2020 general election and the ability to commit voter and election fraud if one understands the technological weaknesses. “This is not about which President won the election for me. It is no longer even about which political party you belong to. This is now only about whether an American citizen’s legal vote will be legally counted. Everyone can agree on the idea that if your vote no longer matters, elections in the future will not attract voters, thus America fails, and the whole world fails. That is the only reason I created my technology.”

Kinematics was the “secret sauce” ingredient which made Jovan’s technology breakthrough. Kinematics is a subfield of physics, developed in classical mechanics, which describes the motion of points, bodies, and systems of bodies without considering the forces that cause them to move. Often referred to as the “geometry of motion” and seen as a branch of mathematics, Jovan knew that the ballot was the key. Ballots when printed, folded, and mailed have incorporated into them new geometry caused by the motion between the forces applied. In the case of the ballot, this is specific to being a mail-in ballot being folded to be mailed and processed numerous times through mechanized rollers. Additionally, the act of a human voting creates a “kinematic artifact” as Jovan has dubbed his discovery. When the act of a human hand supplied with a writing instrument makes a mark, (a blue or black pen as required by voting law) a new type of “kinematic artifact” is introduced into the structure of the ballot, i.e., that of a motion and impression combined with the human dynamic of movement as it fills in the space left for marking one’s vote. Even more, the act of printing itself, creates its own imprinted “kinematic artifacts” onto the physical ballot which are auditable.

Realizing he could definitively determine, document, and prove the irrefutable evidence of “kinematic artifacts” or rigid transformations in voting systems and ballots, Jovan scrambled to file incredibly novel patents for both administering and auditing elections. “I spent hundreds of hours creating, recreating, testing, and documenting the differences between human interaction and marking of voting ballots. This included the comparison of all types of writing instruments being wielded by humans of all types and ages,” states Jovan. “Next, my lab examined over half a million voting ballot images with various forensic techniques to confirm the existence of kinematic artifacts. In our laboratory we printed and duplicated various formats of voting ballots and then set about marking them with all types of writing instruments. This included printing ballots with the votes already filled in by printers and not human hands. It was like a magical transformation within our laboratory testing systems,” continued Jovan. “The differences between machine printed votes of any kind and human hand marked votes is night and day. Differences are so startling there’s no way to confuse one for the other. The human dynamic is like looking at an original Rembrandt painting and the machine printed dynamic is like looking at an archaic 1980’s dot matrix printed picture of a block. No matter how hard the printer tries it cannot duplicate human rhythm, variable pressure, and individual stroke preference. Furthermore, when you look at the database of over 5,000 different consumer/commercial ink for writing instruments’ formulations, then you begin to understand the mathematical impossibility of a machine reproducing the vote of a human. If you were to look at it as an equation in math, it would be some ridiculous formulation like (160,000,000 x 5,000) x (10 known motion dynamics) x the variables which are introduced by the (human’s age (a), sex (s) and health condition(hc)) at the time of voting and you can see why the human dynamic in voting is easily detectable and irrefutable.”

Pulitzer’s drive to create the perfect election auditing technology and system has led him to create what he believes is the only way to make voting systems un-hackable and not vulnerable to outside interference. “If people do not trust voting systems and that their votes will count exactly as they were cast, they will stop voting. If people stop voting, then the party who benefitted from nefarious activities will always be in power since there will be never a need to rig or throw an election again if no one votes. For me, this is about the continued existence of the United States of America and remaining the land of the free and home of the brave.”

If Jovan’s history with innovation is any indication, his system could become the new voting standard; however, this is not without opponents. At the moment, the Arizona Senate has approved a forensic investigation of the 2.1 million general election ballots cast in Maricopa County. However, at this prospect the political hide-and-seek has kicked into high gear. Arizona citizens, and some would say America in general are up in arms because politicians are doing everything hey can do to adamantly avoid undergoing Jovan’s new technology audit. Realizing the age-old ways of hiding bad votes and rigged election evidence may be over, lawmakers from both sides are trying to deny the public’s outcry of Jovan’s technology. The forcing out of “the old” and ushering in of “the new” could become the real resounding shot heard around the world in 2021. This loud boom seems to be taking the form of the screaming of the American public for transparent elections and demanding states adopt Jovan’s work as the new standard in both elections and election audits.

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