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Help Danyelle and Tristan Pollock choose a Home

It’s a modern world with modern lifestyles and levels of freedom. For years, no border has proved enough for The Pollocks. Now that’s about to change, and you can get involved. In terms of distance, the two have traveled the planet four times. It’s no wonder their relationship is as strong as ever; what could be more bonding than taking a tour around the world together?

However, this on-the-move lifestyle may be halted soon. They’ve had their fun and would like to settle in a community that’s willing to accept them. Their decision to settle down could be a result of the recent Covid-19 pandemic. At the time when the pandemic hit, they found themselves in Minnesota which is as good a place to live as any. Even though they only planned to stay until the pandemic was under control, their time in Minnesota must have shown a whole new type of lifestyle that they either never knew or had long forgotten.

When asked how possible it is for anyone to travel 100,000 miles as he and his partner did, Tristan said it can be done by anyone. He said it wasn’t difficult to adjust to their mobile lifestyle that began in 2018. In terms of the finances required, Tristan says an average remote job can cater to them. Take it from the expert, you can see the world if you want to, with your partner.

Now, the Pollocks need our help. Traveling across 55 nations has made it almost impossible to choose one to settle in. They look to the general public in helping them make this decision. With the look of things, the Covid-19 pandemic should be under control soon. Once this happens, Tristan and Danyelle will be able to move to the location that the public voted for and live happily ever after with a sense of belonging in a beautiful community.

How do you vote?

Tristan and Danyelle have a website with a voting section. People have already begun to drop suggestions on the site and so far, the leading locations are the Twin Cities, Denver, and there’s Vancouver too. This is the shortlist, but they’re still open to ideas. If you would like to suggest a location, do it through their website or send them a direct mail. However, before making that suggestion, you may want to know that the Pollocks will only settle in a community that has the following qualities:

  • Natural: This means the environment embraces pets and physical activities such as swimming and hiking. The environment should also have clean air and a green backyard in the form of a garden.
  • Cultural: This means the environment embraces new people and arts. This way, they’ll be welcomed by people that inspire them.
  • Open-minded: New ideas should be welcome by the residents of the community. Each person loves and respects the next. There must be empathy and care amongst the people.

If you have a suggestion that fits the criteria above, please don’t hesitate on their website. While on the website, you can also check the current statistics and standings to know which locations are in the lead.

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