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Democrats Look to Trump for Leadership Even After He Is Out of Office

Even the Democrats in Congress realize that there is a lack of real leadership in Washington now that Trump has left town. Trump was a resounding force in the city, but his departure leaves the country with a President that struggles to complete a sentence and a Congress hoping that Trump will protect them.

The lack of leadership is evident in a recent event at the Capitol where Congress has decided to alter voting dates on a police reform bill. The bill was scheduled for a vote on Thursday, but Democrats moved the vote to Wednesday due to the threat of violence. According to reports, the acting Chief of Capitol Police said that militia groups were looking to conduct activities at the Capitol on March 4th.

The Democrats decided to reschedule their vote on the radical legislation to Wednesday. Sources shared that it was in an effort to keep members of Congress away from the Capitol building in case something were to happen. What happened next was amazing.

Democrats started making media rounds and asking for former President Donald Trump to act and call on these militia groups to stand down. If you recall, President Donald Trump asked the groups to avoid violence on January 6, but the groups still stormed the Capitol.

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Rep. Michael McCaul says fmr. Pres. Trump has a responsibility to tell extremists, who believe Trump will be inaugurated on March 4, and who the FBI say are plotting a possible attack on the US Capitol, to stand down. “This threat is credible. It’s real.” https://t.co/txZq2tbwMH pic.twitter.com/n4X4WbwTIo

Donald Trump is no longer the President of the United States and has no responsibility to protect these Democrats. They should walk themselves down the street to the White House and wake up Sleepy Joe Biden. After all, they were demanding he be in the White House at all costs and have continued to maintain that he is capable of being President.

Aside from that, how much more protection do Democrats need? They have already installed a fence around the US Capitol building with razor wire on top. The US Capitol looks more like Guantánamo Bay than the Capitol of a free nation. And they said they didn’t believe in walls!

Perhaps that’s because the majority of those who are in that building are terrorists in their own right. Communists who are attempting to destroy our nation from within. Those who are attempting to destroy the Constitution and everything that our nation stands for.

The Democrats were scheduling a vote on the George Floyd Justice in Policing act of 2021. While the measure contains a measure that may be backed by conservatives (banning of no-knock warrants), the legislation imposes many restrictions on law enforcement and will promote crimes across the country. The move will prohibit law enforcement from doing their jobs and protecting Americans.

Of course, Democrats are not concerned about protecting Americans. They are only concerned with their own protection and safety. To the Left, we are all able to be sacrificed for the good of the elites.

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