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CNN Issues Ridiculous Statement in Response to Latest Cuomo Scandal

On Tuesday, a New York newspaper reported that NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo prioritized his family over all others in the state amid the beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, his family received priority testing, with their tests receiving police escorts to labs for processing. Other high-profile figures close to Cuomo were prioritized as well.

So while Americans were suffering from the pandemic and the ridiculous shutdown orders the NY Gov. had put into place, his family and friends were doing just fine. While New Yorkers were being sentenced to death in nursing facilities and Americans were struggling for access to testing, Cuomo took care of those near him. You would think that would be newsworthy to a national “news” organization.

You would also think they would want to look further at the special treatment one of their anchors received as part of this. Chris Cuomo received special testing priority from his brother and CNN capitalized on his relationship and his positive test for weeks. One would think the “news” agency would want to be transparent and investigate this since it screams corruption.

Instead, CNN decided to put out a ridiculous statement like this.

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Statement from @CNN spokesman Matt Dornic on reports that @ChrisCuomo got special coronavirus testing treatment from NYS officials. pic.twitter.com/4h7fe0Eb6m

It’s not surprising that Chris Cuomo would turn to “anyone he could” but he specifically went to his brother, the governor of New York, bypassing millions of other New Yorkers for special treatment. CNN does not have an issue with that? Why would that surprise us, they have not had an issue that the older Cuomo sentenced people to die over the coronavirus orders he gave either.

Why would CNN have an issue with the actions of Cuomo either. Throughout the Trump presidency, they capitalized on the statements by Gov. Cuomo and the attacks on President Trump. They promoted the relationship of Chris to his brother, where they claim they bent the rules in order to allow the governor to appear on his brother’s show.

There are two clear issues here that anyone can see. First, there is a clear line of corruption in New York and Andrew Cuomo needs to go. He has no regard for New Yorkers as he sentenced thousands to die and could care less about everyday citizens. It’s all about being part of his administration and family to receive special treatment. He continues to ignore the sexual harassment allegations against him, even though the evidence is mounting. Cuomo is bad for New York.

The other clear issue here is that CNN is no better regarding the obvious corruption than the Cuomo’s. Time and again, CNN is caught in their bias toward their friends on the left. They ignore the corruption, break their own rules, purposefully spread propaganda to influence US citizens and US elections, and turn a blind eye when one of their own anchors is a beneficiary of a corrupt government regime.

Apparently, the organization does not get that Americans want actual reporting on the issues that are taking place. CNN viewership is falling at a rapid pace. This is not only because it is a biased left-wing news organization, but because they are ignoring the Cuomo story specifically.

CNN viewership specifically fell during the prime-time hours, when the Cuomo show airs, along with his radical friend Don Lemon’s show. In these two prime-time spots, CNN has ignored all the Cuomo scandals and the few Americans who would watch CNN are going elsewhere. From their leadership through their anchors, CNN is promoting government corruption rather than reporting on it.

The old saying goes that actions speak louder than words. In this case, the words speak pretty clearly and the actions support them. CNN is openly supporting the Cuomo corruption and has no desire to continue their charade of being a real news organization. They are finally waving the flag of surrender and admitting openly that they are just a propaganda-spewing, radical supporting organization.

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