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Awww: White House Reporters Can’t Get Famous Without Biden Press Conferences


Christopher Bedford, senior editor at The Federalist, said Friday that White House reporters can’t get famous without President Joe Biden’s press conferences.

“Now I think there’s actually starting to become a sense of frustration here in D.C because these White House reporters, this is their time to shine, this is time to get famous and get their own Acosta TV show. And they’re not able to do that because they’re not able to ask questions,” Bedford said on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria.”

Biden has been president for 51 days as of Friday and hasn’t had an in-person press conference yet, making it the longest waiting period on a president in 100 years. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said March 5 that Biden will have a solo press conference by the end of March.


Bedford said he and others saw Biden “wasn’t really campaigning” in the lead up to the presidential election, and that instead “a lot of the corporate media was campaigning for him.”

“I was surprised last night for example to see as President Joe Biden left the lectern, to see hear a reporter call out a question. That’s a very unusual place to call out a question at all,” Bedford said. “I know in the last administration reporters would heckle the president at Easter egg rolls, but it’s certainly unusual to see that with a Democratic president.”

“I think there’s a growing sense of frustration, but as long as they’re willing to cover for this president as they have been, as we see the pages today calling last night’s speech some kind of presidential address, then I think they’ll be safe,” Bedford said.

Bedford said Biden’s “handlers” decided to separate Biden “from the press because they don’t trust him in front of those cameras.”

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